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DoorBell Fon Additional Door Box (Brass)

Item # DP-38NBF


This item weighs 1.35lbs.

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Product Description

This door box is manufactured in solid, anodized brass. A non-mechanical sensor button brings an even higher technology advance to this already amazing product. The perfect add-on box for an additional entryway. Installs using a single pair of wire. Mounts onto a 2-gang masonry box. Great curb appeal.

This new 3rd generation of DoorBell Fon now has a camera housing where you can place a pinhole camera. Also, the button lights up when pressed.


Bring Convenience, Security & Assistance to your home today with the DOORBELL FON™. This amazing product allows you to answer a door or gate from any telephone in your home or business. It installs using a single pair of wire for (power, control, signaling & voice). All add on component's install on same single pair. No Programming! No Codes! Just pick up the telephone like a regular telephone call.

  • Manufactured in aluminum anodized with a brass finish
  • Mounts directly onto a 2-gang masonry box
  • Vandal-resistant (flush mount)
  • Installs using single pair (power, control, signaling, voice). The distance from Door Box to the Controller may be extended up to 4,000 feet using Cat5E cable.
  • Distinctive ring for each entryway
  • Built in call-waiting
  • Also available in White (DP-28NWT) and Ivory (DP-28NIT)
  • Front/back door
  • Driveway Gates
  • Remote Entryways
  • Delivery Docks
  • Marine Docks
  • Secured Facilities
  • Senior Housing
  • Disabled Housing

Simple: when a visitor presses the button on the door box, the telephones will ring with a distinctive ring to let you know someone is at the door. Just simply pick up the telephone and you are automatically connected to that door. If you are on the telephone and a visitor comes to your door, you will hear a distinctive call-waiting tone. Press the "flash" key or hook switch your telephone and the built in call-waiting on your DOORBELL FON™ will switch you to the door and place your outside call on hold. When you are finished talking to the door just press the "flash" key or hook switch and connect back to the outside call. When you're done with you call just hang up your telephone. It is that simple.


  • Design: Trim Line Styling
  • Power: 117VA/ 60Hz 0.1 amp 12 watt
  • Output:
    • 17-28 Volt (talking)
    • 75-vrms/25+/- 2Hz (ringing)
  • Construction: Anodized Solid Brass Plate and Environmental Grade Sensor Button
  • Mounting: Flush Mount (2-gang masonry box)
  • Operating Temperature:
    • -20°F to +120°F
    • Relative Humidity: 90%
    • Water Drop- .025mm

More Info

For dimensional information as well as information on the Camera hole / mount, please see the cut-sheet on the MANUALS tab.

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