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EnOcean Enabled Battery Free Basic Wireless Light Switch Kit

EnOcean Enabled Battery Free Basic Wireless Light Switch Kit

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Product Description

No wires. No batteries. No hassle.

With EnOcean-enabled wireless self-powered switches and wireless receivers, installation is fast and easy. EnOcean-enabled switches and receivers offer reliable control for commercial, residential and retro-fit applications. Switches can be placed almost anywhere. And, because no batteries are required, Enocean-enabled switches are perfect for creating energy management solutions for eco-friendly smart homes and buildings. With this simple kit, you can install a new light switch quickly without running any wire. Available in five colors: white, black, light almond, ivory and brown.


  • 120 V Relay Receiver
    • Wires to 1 light or group of lights (up to 200W)
    • Fits inside light fixture junction box or switch box
    • Can be controlled by up to 30 wireless light switches
    • Designed to switch various 120V electric loads such as: incandescent lamps, high voltage halogen lamps, electronic ballasts and inductive loads
  • Self-powered Wireless Light Switch
    • No batteries! No wires! The switch provides its own power using a built-in microgenerator
    • Fast, simple installation (No wire from lights to switch)
    • Mounts on flat surface or in a switch box
    • One switch controls an unlimited number of receivers
    • Matches existing decorator style light switches
    • Maintenance-free for 20+ years
    • Each switch has a unique ID (the Relay Receiver memorizes the IDs of switches that are assigned to the receiver)
    • Sends ON/OFF commands to Relay Receiver (capable of dimming when used with dimmer receiver)
Package contains:
  • (1) Decorator-style wireless light switch (E8T-S1A)
  • (1) Built-in relay receiver (E8R-R12BP-1)

EnOcean-enabled self-powered wireless light switch kits can be used for common hard to wire projects like adding a new light switch or creating a 3-way switch in an existing home or building. Self-powered wireless switches are the perfect solution whenever a new switch is needed at a hard to reach location. These switches save electricians and home owners time and hassle by eliminating the need for wires and switch boxes. Perfect for remodeling projects, the basic wireless switch kit includes one self-powered wireless light switch & one RF receiver. The receiver is simply wired between the power and the light, then stored in the light box behind the fixture. The light switch is programmed to the receiver through a simple single-button configuration procedure. Mount the switch anywhere with industrial tape or screws.

Applications might include:
  • Log homes
  • ICF homes
  • SIP homes
  • Commercial remodeling
  • Any situation where running wires is a hassle
How It Works:

Enocean-enabled battery-free wireless switches require no batteries or wires because of a built in micro-generator that creates a small amount of electricity every time the switch is pressed. This converted energy is used to power a transmitter that sends radio signals to receivers.

EnOcean-enabled Self-powered Wireless Light Switches are powered by technology that converts the press of the switch into a small amount of electricity. This electricity is used to transmit a wireless signal that communicates with a wide variety of EnOcean-enabled receivers. These battery-free wireless light switches are primarily used to control lights in homes or businesses but they can be used to control virtually any on/off device, including security systems, HVAC systems, fans, blinds, lamps and motors. Each self-powered wireless light switch can be placed anywhere within range of a receiver. Traditionally the wireless light switch is surface mounted on a wall with screws or industrial tape but it can also be used in a standard switch box or as a wireless hand held remote.


120V Receiver Specifications:
Power Supply Input: 110-125VAC
Relay Output: 110-125VAC, 8.2A
Maximum Load (Incandescent lamp): 200W tungsten
Maximum Load (Fluorescent lamp): 140W ballast with cos=0.4-0.6
Maximum Load for other Devices: 1000W resistive (cos=1)
Number of Output Channels: 1
Indoor range: up to 100 feet
Dimensions: 4.7cm x 3.3cm x 2.8cm (1.85in x 1.3in x 1.1in)
Radio Certifications: FCC (United States)

Self-Powered Wireless Light Switch Specifications:
Power Supply: Self-generated
Frequency: 868 MHz
Channel bandwith: 280 kHz
Indoor range: 50-100 feet
Operating Temperature: -13° F up to 149° F (-25° C up to 65° C)
Radio Certifications: FCC (U.S.), IC (Canada)


Q: How does it work?
Q: Can I mix these wireless devices with existing hardwire switches?
Q: Can I install a 3 or 4-Way switch with this product?
Q: What if I do not have access to a light fixture?
Q: Can I use these switches in a multi-gang configuration?
Q: Can I use more than 3 gang configuration?
Q: Can I use the light switch outdoors?
Q: Can these devices be used around metal?
Q: Will interference activate my light?
Q: Can I use fluorescent lighting?

Q: How does it work?
A: Inside the switch there is a magnetic coil and when the switch rocker is pressed it creates enough energy to send a radio signal to the receiver. The built-in receiver is wired to the light and stored in the light fixture. If the receiver is a plug-in module then it is simply plugged into an outlet and the device it controls is plugged into the receiver.

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Q: Can I mix these wireless devices with existing hardwired switches?
A: We do not recommend mixing the hard wired switches with wireless switches within the same circuit. Doing so could result in an open circuit or power loss to the receiver if the hard wired switch were to be accidentally turned off. Most customers will removed the hardwired switch and bypass the wires so power cannot be interrupted to the receiver. This is known as powering in the "On position". The other wireless light switch(es) could be placed within range of their desired location.

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Q: Can I install a 3 or 4-Way switch with this product?
A: Yes. Battery-free Wireless switches are great for 3-way and 4-way switch applications. The ExR-R12BP-1 (RCM255) relay receiver provides the flexibility to configure and use up to 30 switches that are within range.

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Q: What if I do not have access to a light fixture?
A: If you have an existing light fixture that is hard wired and do not have or want to have access to the ceiling outlet box, the following could be a solution. First remove the hardwired switch and install the receiver ExR-R12BP-1 (RCM 255) at the hardwired electrical switch box location. A blank cover plate could be used to conceal the receiver. If you miss the functionality of the previous hard wire switch you could install a wireless light switch with the back plate ExT-S1AWH-1 (PTM257-W1) over the electrical box. The other wireless light switch(es) could be placed within range of their desired location.

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Q: Can I use these switches in a multi-gang configuration?
A: Yes. Decorator style switches can be used in a gang configuration with or without the back plates. The following options are available:

  • Using a back plate:
  • Using gang configuration with the back plates will result in the switch standing 1 cm or 3/8th away from the wall. The back plate will be sandwiched between the switch cover plate and the wall surface. offers 1 and 2 gang Decorator style switches.

  • Without using a back plate:
  • If you want the switch to match the appearance of a Decorator installation including depth, you will need to cut a hole in the wall and use the ExT-S1NWH (PTM257-W) in an electrical switch box with a standard switch cover plate. Do not use a back plate. Another option without using the back plate is to use a mud ring / mounting bracket. Installing a mud ring can be easier to mount in an existing wall than installing a standard nail-in box.

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Q: Can I use more than 3 gang configuration?
A: If you need more than three gang switches together it would probably be best to install an electrical switch box that can handle the number of desired ExT-S1NWH’s (PTM257-W’s). For a cover plate, use a standard Decorator switch cover plate with the appropriate number of slots.

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Q: Can I use the light switch outdoors?
A: Yes. Our wireless light switches can be used in an outdoor environment. Using wireless switches outdoors may reach greater distances than if used in an indoor environment. When placing these switches outdoors, use a weather proof switch cover. Most electrical stores carry weather proof switch covers.

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Q: Can these devices be used around metal?
A: Yes. Our wireless light switches and receivers can be used around metal. However the distance may significantly be reduced. Metal has a tendency to reflect or distort radio waves. To maximize range, we encourage using cover plates or using electrical boxes that are non-metallic.

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Q: Will interference activate my light?
A: No. Ad Hoc's wireless light switches communicate by sending a unique RF packet to the receiver. Each packet contains information that is only related to that particular light switch. No two light switches will transmit the same packet.

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Q: Can I use fluorescent lighting?
A: Yes. Our receiver works well with fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting is a great way to reduce high wattage loads and energy costs. See users manual for wattage rating of different load types.

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