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Aiphone Main Room Station for the KC Series 1x3 Color Video Intercom System

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Product Description

System Supports:
  • Up to three inside stations (KC-1GRD main room station and up to two KC-1HRD sub room stations).
  • One video door station (KC-DAR)


KC Series System Features:
  • One door station with maximum three monitors
  • Wide angle color Tilt camera
  • Color video monitor (4" TFT)
  • Camera angle can be adjusted 40° vertically
  • Chime at inside monitor when called from door
  • Audio and video turns on when called or when monitoring
  • Visually identify visitors before letting them in
  • Handset for two-way communication at inside station
  • Hands free communication at the door station
  • Built-in illumination for low light conditions
  • External light with automatic activation can be added
  • Remotely activate door strike
  • Audio-only handset station available
The KC 1 x 3 Color Video Sentry series is a video entry system with capacity for one video door station and up to three inside monitor/handset stations.

The video room stations are equipped with a 4" flat color monitor, connected to a video door station located at an entry area. The video door station contains a CCD chip camera with ilumination LEDs for low light applications. The camera is designed with a Tilt mechanism, allowing the viewer inside to adjust the camera's angle upwards.

All call communication between room stations, audio and video door monitoring, and backlight control are included. Brightness, contrast, and chime volume controls are located under each unit.

An incoming call from the door station sounds a 4 stroke chime. The monitor(s) come on displaying the image of the caller. The person at the inside station picks up to answer, and the visitor speaks hands free. The entry area can be monitored by pressing the "monitor" button on any room station. This allows both audio and video monitoring, staying on for approximately 30 seconds. The door release button can be used to activate an electric door strike.

To place an All Call between the inside stations, pick up the handset on the monitor, press the All Call button and make the announcement. Hang up when finished.

Power Source:24V DC. Use one PS-24E for every two monitors on the system.
Operating Tempature:KC-DAR: 14° ~ 140° F
KC-1GRD: 32° ~ 104° F
Camera Unit:CCD (Charged Coupled Device) with infrared LED illumination
Overall Viewing Area:36" Vert. x 72" Horiz. at 20"
Video Monitor:4" TFT LCD
Scanning Lines:525 lines
Internal Calling:All call with pretone then voice (no reply)
Communication:Hands free at door station, Handset at monitor station
Wiring Distance:KC-DAR to KC-1GRD: 165' w/22AWG; 330' w/18AWG
KC-1GRD to farthest KC-1HRD: 330' w/18AWG (homerun power wires)
PS-24E to KC-1GRD: 16' w/18AWG
Material:ABS plastic
Mounting:Surface mount to 1-gang box or ring
Door Release Contact:Normally Open - 24V DC, 1A Max.
Dimensions (H x W x D):KC-DAR: 5-1/2" x 4-1/8" x 1-3/4"
KC-1GRD: 7-3/4" x 7-1/4" x 3-1/2"
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