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Aprilaire Communicating Thermostat System Controller

Item # 8826


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Product Description

The Model 8826 system controller is a standalone HVAC Automation controller. It connects the internet to your Aprilaire Thermostats, allowing you to control every aspect of the system remotely and efficiently, reducing energy costs.

We have seen churches, schools, hospitals, office buildings and large residential projects use the 8825 controller to great advantage. This system can also act as an email/text message monitoring system for high/low temperatures or humidity.

This product 8826 is the replacement for discontinued 8825.


Brand New item just released! More information will be posted here as the manufacturer releases it. Send us an email request to be notified when more info is added here

Notable advantages:
  • Centralized remote control of up to 24 Aprilaire Model 8870 or 8800 thermostats/humidistats
  • Web-based user interface works on all popular web-browsers
  • Requires little setup and no programming, just click and manage
  • Four primary schedules plus individual schedules provide all your energy savings with the flexibility you expect
  • Holiday schedule and Vacation hold make saving energy simple and automatic, even while your home is empty
  • Easy HVAC monitoring with E-mail alerts for service reminders or when temperatures or humidity exceed set limits
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