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Honeywell Aube 7-Day Programmable TH115 Series Thermostat

Item # TH115-A-240D

This item weighs 1.50lbs.

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Product Description

The TH115 series 7-day programmable thermostat has an LCD screen to display temperature, time, day, mode and heating command. It is compact and stylish and comes loaded with advanced programming features and a large backlit LCD. All models except the -024's are equipped with input for use with CT240-01 two output or CT241-01 four output telephone controller.

Complete list of models available is at right under "Select Options" and details of each model are listed below.


The TH115 series is available with multiple ratings options and three temperature control modes:

  • Ambient (A) – controls ambient (room) temperature using sensor in thermostat
  • Ambient with floor limit (AF) – controls ambient (room) temperature with possible limit on floor temperature
  • Floor (F) – controls floor temperature using sensor in floor
AF and F models feature simple floor sensor connection and include a 15 foot (4.6 m) sensor.

"G" models include Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) or Equipment Ground Fault Protection Device (EGFPD). "GA" models meet UL and CSA standards for Class A GFCIs and cut power to the heating system when a 5 mA leak is detected. "GB" models cut power when a 15 mA leak is detected.

Note only line voltage models of this thermostat have the ECONO INPUT connection for use with CT240 or CT241. The TH115-x-024T does not have this connection.

Programming Features:
  • 7-day independent programming, 4 settings/day
  • Pre-programmed or personalized schedule
  • Early Start function
  • Selectable 12- or 24-hour format / °C or °F
General Features:
  • For baseboards, electric floor heating, hydronic floor heating, convectors and fan-forced heaters
  • Advanced temperature control (± 0.9_F accuracy) ensures total comfort by minimizing temperature swings
  • 7-day independent programming – each day can be different
  • Pre-programmed for quick setups
  • Early Start ensures programmed temperature reached by programmed time
  • Large backlit LCD
  • ON/STANDBY switch enables thermostat shutdown at the end of heating season for added security
  • Remote input enables change of temperature modes from phone (Aube telephone controller required) or alarm/automation system with dry contact output
  • On-screen heating command indicator gives at-a-glance verification of power being sent
  • Temporary bypass enables temperature override without changing programming
  • Large, backlit LCD features intuitive programming icons
  • Attractive design includes hidden programming buttons
  • Battery-free backup means no re-programming your schedule after power outage
  • Floor Sensing units come with the Floor Sensor lead


General Specifications:
  • Temperature Control
    Microprocessor-optimized PIA
    Heating cycles: 15 minutes
    Accuracy: ± 0.5°C / 0.9°F
  • Switching Action
    Epoxy-soundproofed relay: Quiet operation
  • Programming
    7-day independent programming, 4 settings/day
    Pre-programmed or personalized schedule
    Early Start function
    Selectable 12- or 24-hour format / °C or °F
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)
    124 x 70 x 23 mm / 4.89 x 2.76 x 0.91 inches

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