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CaddX NetworkX TCP/IP Interface Module

Item # NX-590E

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Product Description

The NX-590E Network Module brings new functionality to the world of controls with Ethernet connectivity to your central station. Working in conjunction with the Osborne-Hoffman Network Receiver, a direct pipe is established into your current automation.


The NX-590E can send events to two IP address for dual, split, or backup reporting. Events may also be sent to two e-mail addresses. The NX controls can also be configured for dial or cellular backup should network communication fail.

Triple-DES encryption is used to protect data from being compromised. To further enhance network security, a dynamic KEY generation is employed with a new 24-Bytes random number generated for every event.

The NX-590E also offers the choice of static IP, where the IP addresses are fixed and assigned by IS department; or DHCP, where a pool of IP addresses is assigned by a server to units on the network and IP addresses here can and do change. Either way all functions are programmable via keypad or DL900 upload/download software.

Standard Features
  • Up to 10,000 NX-590E's can be monitored on the Osborne-Hoffman Network Receiver
  • Backwards compatible to all NetworX controls and resides in a 6-inch slot in the control cabinet
  • Provides 10BT Ethernet connectivity with TCP/IP
  • Video tagging on all events sent to Kalatel's DVMRE digital recorder and multiplexer to be stored with
  • video on hard drive
  • On-site or remote initiated download using
  • DL900 software
  • Code updates for the NX-590E can be downloaded and flashed into modules over network
  • Uses SIA or Contact ID reporting formats
  • User selectable polling time for full supervision
  • Low current draw of 90 mA in standby and 120 mA during communication at 12 VDC from NX control
  • Small bandwidth used with typical message 20 bytes
  • Embedded web server with application links into
  • NX control (available soon)
  • PPP connectivity via onboard optional 2400 baud or user supplied modem (available soon)
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