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The NetworkX Cellemetry Module

Item # NX-591E

This product has been discontinued.

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Product Description

The NX-591E is a self-contained cellemetry module for the NetworkX NX control panels. The NX-591E offers a secure communications channel to any central station in the event of a line cut event or any other interruption of land line telephone service. The NX-591E utilizes the cellemetry control channel cellular network for fast and secure transmission of an alarm message to a central station with the added ability to deliver messages to a subscriber's email or pager for greater functionality.


Cost-effective and easy to install, the NX-591E transmits a full 3-watt cellular signal, the maximum power allowed by the FCC. The NX-591E sends full data reporting of any alarm event to a central station to provide complete information to a responding police, fire or EMS unit.

The NX-591E is part of the NetworkX modular design offering easy flexibility to add features and functionality to any NetworkX NX panel.

  • Full data reporting
  • Plug-in module for NetworkX NX panels
  • Weekly/daily auto test and reports
  • Reliable, low-cost wireless network
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Web-enabled management
  • Alarm acknowledgementytwo-way signaling for security
  • E-mail or pager notification in addition to central station
  • Supports all popular formats
  • No special equipment needed for central station
  • True secure alarm communicationyprotects against line cut and phone interruptions
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NX-591E The NetworkX Cellemetry Module provides secure alarm communication in the event of a line cut or other telephone service interuption

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