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Remote Controlled Heavy Duty Switch 30 Amp, 240VAC Relay

Remote Controlled Heavy Duty Switch 30 Amp, 240VAC Relay

Item # ELK-9100

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Product Description

Controlled by X-10®; Built-in Signal Bridge, and Repeater Function

The ELK-9100 ULTRAMATE is a remote controlled heavy duty switch which may be used with 220/240 Volts A.C. electrical appliances, water heaters, pool pumps, or 110/120 branch lighting loads. It can be activated by an X-10 power line signal or contact closure source. The unit features built-in signal bridging across both legs of the 220/240 power circuit for improved performance of X-10 powerline signaling. It also features a selectable repeater function to provide more reliable X-10 communications over longer distances.


  • Controlled Remotely from X-10 Power Line Carrier Commands.
  • Optional Dry Contact Closure Activation.
  • 30 Amp Long Life Double Pole Relay Contacts.
  • Control One 220-240 Volts A.C. Device: Water Heater, Pool or Irrigation Pump, Heater, etc. OR
  • Control Two 115-120 Volts A.C. Devices: Lights, Motors, etc.
  • Selectable X-10 signal repeater functionality.
  • Single or Dual Commands may be used. Dual commands reduce false activation.
  • On-site programming of X-10 signal(s).
  • Manual On/Off Push Button Control.
  • LED Status indicators for X-10 signal, Circuit 1(Relay 1), and Circuit 2 (Relay 2).
  • EEProm Memory remembers the last relay state in the event of a power fluctuation.
  • Heavy Duty PVC enclosure prefitted with 1/2" conduit connector.
  • Color coded 18" wire leads, #10 AWG, MTW, stranded nickel plated copper rated for 30 Amps A.C.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Operating Voltage: 220-240 Volts A.C., drawn locally from the electrical panel (line) source.*
  • Nominal Current Draw: 26mA.
  • Relay Contact Rating: 30 Amps at 120/240 Volts A.C.
  • Wire Harness: 18" wire leads, #10 AWG, MTW, stranded nickel plated copper rated for 30 Amps A.C.
  • Size: 4.36" W x 6.36" H x 2" D.
* NOTE: The ELK-9100 cannot be powered from GFCI Ground Fault Breakers. However, GFCI Breakers can be utilized on the output (load) side of the ELK-9100.

NOTE: The ELK-9100 is not compatible with the Leviton model 6325 Telephone Transponder due to some non-standard line signals that the Leviton transmits.

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