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ELK Magic Module™ Starter Kit

Item # ELK-MK400

This product has been discontinued.

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Product Description

For Programming ELK-MM443 and ELK-MM220 modules

Get started by using your personal computer and the ELK Starter Kit which includes a Magic Module ™ Controller, power supply, software for easy programming, RS-232 to RS-485 data bus converter and serial cables you need to get up and running. Also available is the Programming Kit (ELK-MK485) which doesn't include the Magic Module ™


Magic Module™ programs are transferred from your PC to the Magic Module™ using the PC's serial port and an RS-232-to-RS-485 Data Converter module (ELK-MB485) . Once programmed, the Magic Module™ can be disconnected from the PC for stand alone applications. All programming is stored in non-volatile memory.

Basic setup for programming the Magic Module
The Magic Module™ connects to the ELK-MB485 Data Interface through the included 4-pin ribbon cable. The ELK-MB485 connects to your computer through the included 9-pin serial cable. Both units are powered by the included 12V DC power pack (ELK-P1216) .

Program Editing:
Program your Magic Modules™ using either the ELK Application Writer / Code Editor Programming Languages. Both programming editors are available on the CDROM included in the Starter Kit.

ELK Products, Inc. Development Software:
The ELK Application Writer was designed to allow non-programmers the ability to program and utilize many of the home automation features of the Magic Module™ simply by clicking buttons in the Application Writer editor. This allows quick programming and customization of a very powerful and inexpensive home automation system .(For Elk-MM443, MM447 controllers)

The ELK Code Editor is a Basic-like language compiled into code bytes that the microprocessor reads and executes through a built in operating system. This programming environment is familiar to experienced programmers. (For Elk-MM443, MM447, MM220 controllers)

Kit Includes: (one each)
  • Magic Module™ (ELK-MM443S).
  • Data Bus Interface (ELK-MB485).
  • ELK Code Editor / Application Writer Software.
  • 12 Volt D.C. Plug-in Power Supply.
  • 9 pin Serial Port Cable.
  • RS-485 Data Bus Ribbon Cable.
  • Cable to program ELK-MM220 modules.
  • Instruction Manual.
This kit is the same as the ELK-MK485 with the addition of an ELK-MM443.
ELK-MM220 modules are programmed from the ELK-MM443.

Magic Module is a trademark of ELK Products, Inc.

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