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Preprogrammed automation controller kit

ELK's "HOMECONTROL" is a preprogrammed automation controller kit which connects to the data bus of NetworkX "NX" Security Controls.


Existing security sensors along with the control's arming status trigger true automation operations such as voice messaging, lighting, and energy conservation. HOMECONTROL allows HVAC, water heater, appliances, and/or lights to be managed economically.

HOMECONTROL saves installation time and money.
Imagine some of the following examples...

WELCOME HOME... The same front door contact that is used to detect entry can now be used to activate a timed courtesy light for both safety and convenience. A recorded voice message may be played to welcome the owner home.

REDUCE FALSE ALARMS... If the security control is armed a recorded voice may be played upon entry to remind the homeowner to disarm the system.

$$$ SAVE ENERGY... Existing area motion detectors can be utilized for energy savings by activating the Heat, Air conditioning, or room lighting only while the area is occupied.

SIMPLIFY USER OPERATION... Abnormal conditions from the Security Control such as: Low Battery, AC Power Failure, or the Failure to Arm due to an open window, door may be easily diagnosed with the help of a friendly voice message from HOMECONTROL which will identify the location and nature of the condition.

FORGET SOMETHING?... HOMECONTROL knows the arm/disarm condition of the Security Control, and can automatically shutdown devices such as Hot Water Heaters, Pool Pumps, Sprinklers, etc. whenever the Security Control is armed.

TIME TO DO... Conditions and events may be set to occur automatically based at certain time periods. Wake up to a warm home and hot water. Water the lawn at the optimum time of day.

NetworkX "NX" Series communicates 240 events to Elk's Magic Module, including:
  • Zone Status (all zones up to 48)
  • Alarm Memory by Zone
  • Bypass by Zone
  • rmed Any Mode
  • Armed Home
  • Entry (any entry active)
  • Exit Delay Expiration Warning
  • Inability to Arm
  • AC Fail
  • Calendar/Clock Information
  • Plus 230 More
Blinking zone lights and beeps can sometimes be confusing and frustrating. HomeControl lets you know exactly what is happening with your voice messages.

Sample Voice Messages:
  • "Energy savings features activated"
  • "System is armed, please enter your code to disarm."
  • "Main entry not secure"
  • "Alarm activated family room"
  • "AC power loss { check transformer and circuit breakers"
  • "Alarm activated, please enter your code to disarm, then call the monitoring station"
  • "Alarm activated main entry."
  • "Exit delay expires in 10 seconds."

Installation is easy. To install the HOMECONTROL kit onto an existing Security Control generally takes only 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete. The kit comes complete with ELK's New Link Interface to NetworkX NX module (ELK-ML8) , a preprogrammed Magic Module™ Controller (ELK-MM443), a 400 Channel Recordable Voice Annunciator Module (ELK-MV480) with interior ECHO™ Compact Speaker (ELK-73), and a Two Way X-10® Power line Carrier Interface (PSC05) to control lighting.

The Link Interface to NetworkX NX module (ELK-ML8) is a small circuit board which may be mounted directly into the NetworkX Control. It functions as a bridge to connect the data communications busses of the Security Control and the Magic Module™.

The preprogrammed Magic Module™ Controller contains a powerful microprocessor which activates the various lighting and environmental scenes via X-10® in response to information supplied by the Security Control and/or time of day activities. The clock/calendar built into the Security Control is shared across the data bus, eliminating the need for a separate clock module on the Magic Module™.

The Recordable Voice Annunciator Module (ELK-MV480) is the most raved about component of the HOMECONTROL kit. It features 400 recordable voice messages with extremely clear playback. Its built-in 24 watt audio amplifier provides playback through one or more speakers in the home. Should the need arise for more messages, additional MV480s may be added.

Kit Includes: (one each)
  • Pre-programmed Magic Module™ (ELK-MM443)
  • Recordable Voice Module (ELK-MV480)
  • NetworkX NX Link Module (ELK-ML8)
  • ECHO™ Compact Speaker (ELK-73)
  • PSC05 Two Way X-10® Power Line Carrier Interface
Echo and Magic Module are trademarks of ELK Products, Inc.
X10 is a trademark of X10 USA

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