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GEM-P816 Control with K3 Keypad and Transformer


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Product Description

Includes GEM-P816 Control, GEM-K1CA Alpha Keypad & Transformer.

P816 Control Features:
  • 8 hybrid zones (hardwire or wireless) including two 2-wire fire zones
  • Up to 16 EOL zones with multiplexing (from alpha keypads or multiplex modules)
  • Up to 16 users


P816 Features (continued):
  • Supports choice of up to 7 standard Gemini keypads (GEM-K1CA, GEM-K2AS, GEM-K3DGTL, GEM-K4, GEM-K4RF, GEM-RP1CAE2, GEM-RP2ASE2, and GEM-RP3DGTL)
  • 256 Event Logging
  • 3 Interior Bypass Group
  • Uses new low-cost GEM-EZM4/8 4 or 8 Zone Multiplex Module
  • Supports all Gemini Wireless Transmitters using standard GEM-RECV8 or RECV16 Receiver
  • Comes in 7 convenient configurations:
    • GEM-P816: GEM-P816 control and transformer.
    • GEM-816PERFPAK: GEM-P816 control, GEM-RP3DGTL digital keypad and transformer.
    • GEM-816PERFPLUS: GEM-P816 Control, GEM-RP3DGTL digital key-pad, interior siren, jack & cord, 4Ah 12V Battery, PIR1710 70' x 60' PIR detector and transformer.
    • GEM-816PREMPAK: GEM-P816 control, GEMRP1CAE2 alpha keypad & transformer.
    • GEM-K816PREMPAK: GEM-P816 control, GEMK1CA alpha keypad and transformer.
    • GEM-K816PERFPAK: GEM-P816 control, GEM-K3DGTL digital keypad and transformer.
    • GEM-K816RFPK: ALPHA KEYPAD/RECEIVER PAK GEM-P816 control, GEM-K4RF fixed alpha keypad/receiver and transformer.
Gemini Keypad / Control Panel Compatibility:

Keypads Compatible with the GEM-P816 Control Panel:
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The GEM-P816 seamlessly supports all Gemini wireless transmitters using standard receivers:


P816 Specifications:
  • Input Power 16.5VAC via Class 2 Plug-in 20 VA transformer
  • Aux & remote power 12Vdc regulated
  • 500 mA standby current rating with 20VA transformer, supplied
  • 650 mA standby current rating with optional 40VA trans. 650mA
  • Alarm current 2A
  • Loop Resist. 300 ohm max.; 50 ohm max for 2-wire fire
  • Burg. Voltage Output -1; programmable negative outputs -2
  • Operating temp. 0-49 degrees C.
  • Communication formats: Ademco Point ID, Silent Knight Fast/Slow, Radionics Fast/Slow, Univeral High Speed, SIA and Pager.

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