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TeleMaster Telephone X10 Control

Item # HCTMS

This product has been discontinued.

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Product Description

Telemaster allows you to control all of your lights, appliances, and electronics from any touch-tone phone, including cordless and cellular phones!

Imagine turning on your home's lights, warming up the hot tub, and setting your thermostat to 72 degrees on your drive home from work! Telemaster talks directly to all X10 controlled devices (sold separately), and to all 256 possible codes. Calling from outside one's home requires a 4-digit security code, but once inside the home, the code is no longer required.

Simple to operate...Dial normally to make phone calls. For X10 control, press * for ON or press # for OFF, followed by a number. For example, from within the house, dialing *26 turns X10 receiver B6 ON.

Simple to install...Just plug in the Telemaster into any phone jack, connect the X10 Powerline Interface, and instantly use all phones in your home as X10 controllers. Telemaster is fully compatible with voice mail, call waiting, and answering machines.

The Telemaster can also be expanded for use as an intercom system! The Intercom Interface (part number HCTMSI, sold separately) uses your existing house telephones and allows for conversation between the house phones.


The Telemaster can transmit all 256 X10 codes, but in doing so, results in having to dial more digits on the phone. The Telemaster can be selected to operate 9, 90, 160, or all 256 X10 codes, and would require 2, 3, 4, or 5 keypad presses on the telephone, respectively. Dip-switches are used to select the number of codes.

9 CODES, House Code A only, Number Codes 1 through 9
Example: *3 would turn A3 ON

90 CODES, House Codes A(press 1) - J(press 0), Number Codes 1 - 9
Example: *23 turns B3 ON

160 CODES, House Code A(1) - J(0), Number Codes 1(01) - 16(16)
Example: #012 turns J12 OFF

256 CODES, House Code A - P(Uses two numbers to represent the House Code. First number is the number of the 3-letter group of the desired house code, and the second is the position of the letter in that group). Number Codes 1(01) - 16(16) Example: #6215 turns N15 OFF.

Lamp modules and dimmer wall switches may be dimmed and brightened by sending the appropriate ON command and NOT releasing the last button of the command string. The telephone must be able to produce a continuous tone as long as the button is pressed. Dimming will continue as long as the button is pressed. To brighten, press the same button again within 1 second. The lamp will brighten as long as the button is pressed.

P16 ON and OFF commands are issued each time the telephone rings. Lights connected to X10 modules and switches set to address P16 can be made to turn on and off to provide a visual indication that the phone is ringing.

Each Telemaster comes with a pre-assigned 4-digit security code which has to entered whenever the Telemaster is being used outside of the home. From any outside telephone, call the number the Telemaster is connected to. The Telemaster will respond with five beeps prompting the entry of the security code. Once the correct code has been entered, the Telemaster will confirm acceptance of the code by again beeping five times.

The Telemaster comes complete with the following:
  • Telemaster controller (Dimensions: 3.75" W x 2.25" H x .875" D)
  • One XPPSC05 Powerline Interface
  • One AC Power Adapter, 12VDC , 400 milliamp output
  • Two RJ11 telephone cords

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