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SpitFire III Universal Infrared Remote Control for PCs


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Product Description

The most advanced universal remote control EVER: The SpitFIRE III is the easiest way to create low cost PC-based home automation systems and home theater controls.


How are dealers and consumers using the SpitFIRE?
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Controlling virtually all popular home entertainment products, including TVs, VCRs, Cable and Satellite Boxes, DVRs, audio and home theater systems, the SpitFIRE 3 combines the renowned Innotech remote control code library, used in many of the finest remote controls, with the most advanced IR learning available today.

The SpitFire III includes Windows-based software that displays a customizable "virtual" remote control on-screen and responds to mouse clicks or keyboard commands. The software responds to mouse clicks on specified buttons by sending commands to the SpitFIRE, which then sends the infrared remote control signal to the selected entertainment device. The software even includes well-documented Visual Basic source code, allowing you to create your own custom applications.

The SpitFIRE III provides both serial port and USB interfaces to ensure compatibility with all PC-based systems. In addition, the SpitFIRE3 can learn new codes to augment the internal remote control code library so that a consumer's control system is never out-dated. The learned codes can be used to add virtual buttons to entertainment devices already in the library, or to add new devices. Learned codes are stored in non-volatile memory for permanent storage, even with the power removed.

To assist installers in "rolling out" installations to multiple locations, customized configurations and learned codes can now be "Cloned" from one SpitFIREIII to another.

"With the convergence of home theater systems, set-top boxes, PCs, and the Internet, it is increasingly advantageous to home owners to be able to automate control of all the home entertainment electronics," stated Len Novara, president of Innotech Systems. "The SpitFIRE III is a convenient, attractive, and effective system for dealers and home entertainment professionals to address this need. Using the Internet and a home PC, consumer's can even control their home entertainment systems remotely."

For maximum flexibility, the SpitFIRE III includes a convenient front panel mounted infrared emitting diode and two mini-phone plugs for mini stick-on IR emitters or IR blasters. Rear panel USB and serial port jacks ensure compatibility with virtually all PCs and computerized controls.


  • On-board library includes:
    • TV
    • CBL
    • SAT
    • DVD
    • VCR
    • Home Theater
  • Provides both front panel visible LED and PC status word outputs for user "handshaking"
  • Front Panel includes visible status LED, IR Detector for learning new codes, output IR LED and IR emitter jacks
  • Rear Panel includes USB and RS-232 connectors for PC interface, and power connector
  • IR Output
    • Front Panel IR LED
    • Front panel jacks accept standard 1/8" (3.5mm) mono mini-plug
  • Punch-Through Operation
    • Macros
    • "Smart Source"
  • IR Learning
    • Learns up to 112 button codes dynamically distributed over six sources
    • Learns all common IR protocols
    • Learns IR frequencies up to 75 kHz
  • Upgradeable
    • Clone one SpitFIRE to another
    • Upload from PC
  • Powered by USB port or optional AC power cube
  • Application software included
    • standard application permits easily customized on-screen display of "virtual remote control"
    • Use the included Visual Basic Source code to create your own applications
  • Dimensions: 3.3" W x 1.2" H x 5.25" L
  • Options include External IR Emitter Jacks

More Info

Following is an excerpt from a letter distributed by Innotech Systems, the manufacturer of the SpitFIRE line of products.

How are dealers and consumers using the SpitFIRE III? Following are some of the applications we know of:
  • Home automation
  • Centralized control of entertainment systems in the home
  • Centralized control of televisions for retails displays
  • Computer control of DVD player
  • Remote control via Internet of DVD player
  • Remote control via phone line of DVD player
  • Motion-based on/off control of DVD player for security systems
  • Remtoe control of Satellite Receivers via Internet
  • Remote control of TV/DVD player for distributed video streaming
  • Production testing of televisions, cable boxes, VCRs, and DVD players/recorders
  • Remote monitoring of CATV systems
  • NASA is even using the SpitFIRE in a system to remote measure raindrop size!

The currently available version of the SpitFIRE III includes TV/VCR/Cable/DSS/DVD infrared control codes. We draw from the vast Innotech library of remote control codes to add additional codes for the specific customer applications. We are also evaluating the release of a version with X10 input!

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