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Accenda Surfboard Voice Interactive Smart Universal Remote Control


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Product Description

Please Note: This item is temporarily unavailable by the manufacturer due to production delays. We hope to see the SURFBOARD available soon, however no official ETA is available from the manufacturer. Updates will be posted here as we receive them.

  • Hands-free voice operated universal remote control with optional Hands Free Charger
  • No voice training required - Recognizes your voice commands right out-of-the-box or train it to recognize your personal commands.
  • Remote can be trained to make it uniquely yours
  • Controls TV's, Cable and Satellite Boxes
  • Favorite channel memory
  • Internal Code library plus IR Learner
  • Retains set-up even without the batteries
  • Easy to set-up with help button
  • Voice prompts for set-up
  • Simple to operate
  • Patented technology
  • Great for seniors
  • Designed for the handicapped
  • Award Winning at the 2007 CES show in Las Vegas
  • As seen on TV


Is it difficult for you to see or press the buttons on a TV remote? Then try the latest in voice activated technology, The SurfboardTM Voice Activated TV Remote! The SurfboardTM universal remote can control the volume, change the channels or turn on the TV by responding to your voice.

The unique SurfboardTM "Help" button talks you through the automated setup for your TV, cable or satellite equipment. Although it requires more programming, you can also use the unit with a VCR, DVD player or a Tivo box. If the brand you use is not in the library of codes, the SurfboardTM can learn the commands from the existing remote control. That means if you buy a new TV, you won't have to worry about compatibility

The SurfboardTM is designed to listen for a specific keyword (factory set to "Surfboard") and then your command. The factory set listen time is set to 10 minutes, but can be extended to 1 hour, 4 hours or forever.

The SurfboardTM receives power directly from an electrical outlet via a optional 6 foot long, regulated 6V power adapter. (Sold Separately) The adapter also serves as a battery charger so that the SurfboardTM can be powered with 4 AAA rechargeable batteries (not included).

However the power adapter is advised if you would like the remote to have a listening time that is longer than 10 minutes.

The SurfboardTM comes with 5 pre-programmed (speaker independent) commands:

  • Power
  • Channel up
  • Channel down
  • Previous
  • Favorite

If you'd prefer, you can replace the pre-programmed commands with up to 12 of your own. You can use these commands for access to other features and functions you use regularly. You can also create a customized keyword for waking up the remote, and keywords to tune to your favorite channels automatically!

Whether you have low vision, arthritic hands or are a gadget lover, the Surfboard Voice Activated Remote is easy and fun to use.


SurfBoard Remote Control Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Hints

What is the SURF button?

When you press and release the SURF button it takes you to your previous channel.

Each time you press and hold the SURF button it takes you to your next favorite channel.

How many channels can I program in the SURF button?

The SURF button can remember 24 button presses. This should be enough for about 6 favorite channels depending on how many digits each channel requires.

How do I program my favorite channels?

You program favorite channels through the help system. Press HELP -> 5 and follow the prompts. The SurfBoard will tell you to enter your favorite channels in succession and to press the ENTER (MUTE) button between channels. If the ENTER code is not working try programming favorite channels again but this time use the CH UP button instead of ENTER. Helpful hint: If you press CH DOWN, you can delete the last favorite button you pressed similar to the way the backspace key works on a computer.

Just how "universal" is the SurfBoard?

The philosophy behind the creation of the SurfBoard was to create a simple-to-use channel-surfer remote. The SurfBoard is not meant to replace all the remotes on your coffee table, but to be the remote control you reach for (or talk to) to do the things you do most frequently with a remote control: turn on the TV, adjust the volume and channel surf. It has been our experience that most people will not take the time to fully program their X-in-1 universal remote. The built-in library consists of TV, cable boxes, satellite boxes, and DVRs.

My Dish, Echostar, DirecTV will not respond to the SurfBoard.

Many satellite boxes have radio controlled remote controls for multi-room access. To get the SurfBoard to work be sure that the IR sensor on your set-top box is enabled. See the instructions that came with your satellite box for details.

No Source buttons?

The conventional Source buttons were eliminated from the SurfBoard to make it the easiest possible channel surfer. When you program your TV, all of the buttons are dedicated to the TV. When you add a cable or satellite box, the buttons that control channel functions are automatically routed to your set-top box. For example, the number buttons (0-9) channel up, channel down, and previous (SURF) are automatically sent to your cable and satellite box. The power, volume and mute buttons are automatically sent to your TV. Simple.

But I want to use the SurfBoard to control my DVD player.

It is possible to add a DVD player or VCR using the SurfBoard's learning capability (HELP -> 3). You simply "learn" the DVD functions from your existing DVD remote control onto shifted SurfBoard buttons. These are the smaller grey letters or symbols on the SurfBoard buttons. For example, to get to the PLAY button, you press and release the shift button and then press 2. If you press and hold SHIFT the SurfBoard will go into shift-lock mode so you can get to shifted buttons without needing to press SHIFT each time. We wanted to keep the button-set simple but still give you the capability to add other devices if you want.

The Surfboard does not have source buttons like traditional universal remote controls. You can learn DVD/VCR functions onto unused shifted buttons and then program a voice command to activate them.

We had one user who learned his ceiling fan remote onto an unused shifted button on the SurfBoard. Then he programmed a "ceiling fan" voice command to "press" that button. Cool idea.

I use an A/V receiver to control the sound of my home entertainment system.

You will need to learn the volume up, volume down and mute functions from your A/V receiver onto the same buttons on your SurfBoard.

How can I tell what my programmed devices are?

Press and hold PROG until the SurfBoard says "Program". Release it and then press 0 and then PROG. The SurfBoard will report its firmware revision and programmed device numbers. (For example "Version 1.7.3, TV code 251, Cable or Satellite box code 426". Your numbers may be different and it will only announce a cable or satellite box if one is programmed.)

How many voice commands can I train?

You can train up to 12 voice commands.

How many buttons can each voice command "press"?

Each voice command can "press" (or send) up to 15 buttons per command. Depending on your situation you can have a single voice command go to 4 or 5 channels.

12 voice commands are not enough. What can I do?

If 12 voice commands is not enough, try doubling up on some of them using multi-string macros.

What the heck is a multi-string macro?

Multi-string macros allow you to create a voice command that will take you to more than one channel each time you say it.

For example, rather than training one voice command for each of your movie channels, you can program one voice command to go to 2 or 3 movie channels. For example, let's program the voice command "Movies" to take you to channel 82 the first time you say it, to 301 the second time, and to 307 the third time.

Press Train, The SurfBoard prompts you to "Say a word". You say "Movies"

SurfBoard says "Repeat" and you say Movies" again.

SurfBoard prompts you to press a button.

Press 8 then press 2 for channel 82. Then press LISTEN to end the first string. The SurfBoard will say "Good".

Press 3, then press 0 then press 1 for channel 301. Then press LISTEN to end the 2nd string. The SurfBoard will say "Good".

Press 3, then press 0 then press 7 for channel 307. Then press TRAIN to end the 3rd string and the macro. The SurfBoard will say "Voice command assigned".

What buttons can I press while programming a voice macro?

You can use all the obvious buttons in a voice macro like the numbers, power, volume up and down, Channel up and down etc. It is not recommended that you use MUTE in a voice macro since that will probably mess up automute (see below). However, you can program the shifted buttons such as PLAY by pressing SHIFT followed by 2. In general the shifted buttons will do what is engraved in gray on the button. Here are some less obvious but useful buttons as well.

LISTEN is the separator between channels in a multi-string macro.

Shift -> LISTEN will inject a 1 second delay into the macro.

Shift -> SURF will play your next favorite channel. Be aware that it will also automatically end the voice macro.

I need more than 4 or 5 channels for a voice command.

You can program one of your voice commands to press the SURF button to take advantage of its extra capability.

My batteries don't seem to be lasting as long as I expected.

When used like a regular remote control, the batteries should last at least 6 months. However while the SurfBoard is listening for voice commands, it will drain the batteries faster. When the batteries get weak, the SurfBoard will announce "The batteries are low" and shut off voice recognition.

The SurfBoard’s factory listening time is 10 minutes. If the SurfBoard does not hear a voice command it understands in 10 minutes, it will stop listening to conserve the batteries. If the SurfBoard responds to a voice command it will give you another 10 minutes (or whatever the listen-time setting is) so the ten minute listening period can be extended indefinitely.

Adjusting the listen time.

You can adjust the listening time to one of 4 settings, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, and "listen forever." Longer listen times will result in shorter battery life.

You adjust the listening time through SurfBoard’s help system.

Press HELP -> 6 -> 3. You will hear, "Listen for 10 minutes."

Press 3 "Listen for 1 hour"

Press 3, "Listen for 4 hours"

Press 3, "Listen forever"

Press 3 "Listen for 10 minutes" (again).

When you hear the listen time you want, Press PROG (or any other button) to save the new listen time.

If you set the SurfBoard to listen forever, you might want to switch to rechargeable batteries and get the battery charger or use the Sound Detector. See the next 2 questions.

What is that little jack in the back of the SurfBoard?

That jack is for an optional battery charger.

You can order the battery charger here.

NOTE: You must use rechargeable batteries in the SurfBoard with the charger. Non-rechargeable batteries will leak and damage the SurfBoard if used with the charger.

What is the Sound Detector?

The Sound Detector is a good way to get hands free operation and also have reasonable battery life.

When you enable the sound detector, the SurfBoard will listen for the selected period of time and then go into a battery saving mode where it will not respond to voice commands. The difference is that now the SurfBoard will respond to 2 sharp noises in quick succession and return to listening.

You turn the sound detector on and off through the help system. Let's assume the SurfBoard is set to its factory default 10 minute listening time. Press HELP -> 6 -> 2 "Sound detector on." Press the LISTEN button so the blue light is on. Wait 10 minutes and the blue light will go out. Clap twice and the blue light should come back on.

My SurfBoard will not learn. (Help Option 3 is missing)

If any of these things happen, be sure your batteries are fresh. Remove one of the batteries. With the battery out, press any button to drain residual charge. Replace the battery and listen for the "Hello" prompt.

Will I need to reprogram my SurfBoard when the batteries die?

No. The SurfBoard remembers, all of your settings including your TV and Cable/Satellite device code, all of your learned buttons, all of your trained voice commands, your favorite channels, and all of your other user preferences even when the batteries are removed.

The remote is not doing what I expected when I say a voice command.

To see what the remote is actually doing when you say a voice command you can enable "Talking macros". With talking macros enabled, the SurfBoard will say each button it presses as a result of responding to your voice commands or to the SURF button. To enable talking macros, first be sure the sound feature is on. If the remote does not say the button you press, then sound is off. Press the SOUND button to turn talking buttons on. You will hear "Sound On."

To turn talking macros on, Press and hold the PROG button until the SurfBoard says "PROGRAM." Release the PROG button. Then press 5 and then press PROG again. You will hear, "Talking macros on." You turn talking macros off using the same technique.

If the remote is not listening for voice commands, press the LISTEN BUTTON. "Listen on". With the blue light on, say the keyword. If the SurfBoard understands the keyword, it will say, "Mute", . This "Mute" indicated that the SurfBoard is sending out the automute to the TV. The green light will be on for 3 seconds during which time you can say the voice command that is giving you trouble. If the voice command was "Channel up" the SurfBoard should respond, "Mute, channel up". If you programmed the voice command "HBO" to take you to channel 82, you should hear, "Mute, 8, 2". The SurfBoard is telling you what buttons it is pushing on you as a result of a voice command. It’s a handy diagnostic tool! NOTE: If you have a multi-string macro programmed to go to multiple channels with a single voice command, talking macros will say "good" between channels except for the final string in the macro.

What is the unmute method?

The SurfBoard has a patented automute system. Automute mutes your TV when the SurfBoard hears the keyword. It will unmute your TV when it hears (or doesn’t hear) a subsequent voice command. There are 4 techniques available for turning the sound back on or unmuting the TV. The factory setting is to send another mute command to the TV. This works in most cases. However it is possible for the TV to get "out of phase" using the same command to mute and to unmute the sound. If someone walked in front of the TV at the moment the mute was sent out, the TV will not see the command. Now when the SurfBoard tries to turn the sound back on, it will instead turn it off. This is easily fixed by pressing the mute button manually. Some TVs have multiple mute settings. For example, pressing MUTE once might lower the volume but not quite mute it all together. Automute will not work for these TVs. You can change the unmute method using the following technique. Alternative unmute methods are provided because of the different ways TVs implement the mute function. Use the method that works best for you.

Press and hold PROG until the SurfBoard says "Program". Release it and press 9 then press PROG. Try each one but be aware on some TVs, the using some of these different methods, the volume will gradually get louder or softer over the course of several voice commands.

Unmute method 1 Alternating Vol down and Volume up.

Unmute method 2 (default) Mute

Unmute method 3 Vol+, Vol-

Unmute method 4 Mute, Vol+, Vol-

You can also disable automute altogether by pressing and holding PROG until the SurfBoard says "Program." Then press 6 and then press PROG again "Mute off." You turn it on the same way. Just be aware that your voice recognition accuracy will probably go down with automute turned off.

Handy SurfBoard Shortcuts

Program a TV or Cable/Sat box without going through the help system.

Press and hold PROG until the SurfBoard says "program". Enter the 3 digit device code from the device list. Note: Entering the 3 digit code 000 will un-program the cable/Satellite device.

Search for a TV or Cable/Say box by brand.

Press and hold PROG until the SurfBoard says "program." Enter the 2 digit device code from the device list. Press PROG.

Please note that when programming a device from the device list or through one of the search modes, that the first code you find may not be the best for your device. Try all the buttons and if everything doesn’t work, try the next code. The search modes will continue from where they left off. If none of the codes work, or I a desired button is missing you can always use the learner to get things working.

Search through all TVs.

Press and hold PROG until the SurfBoard says "program." Press 1. Press PROG.

Search through all Cable/Sat boxes.

Press and hold PROG until the SurfBoard says "program." Press 2. Press PROG.

Learn one button

Press and hold PROG until the SurfBoard says "program." Press 3. Press PROG.

Follow the prompts. You will be asked to select a button to train. Then you will be asked to aim the 2 remotes at one another and press the button on the teaching remote.

Adjust the prompting volume

You can raise or lower SurfBoard's friendly voice by pressing and holding PROG until it says "program." Release it and press 4 then PROG again. The SurfBoard will say, "Volume down."

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