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JDS Stargate Home Automation Controller

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Product Description

The Next Generation in Home Automation!

STARGATE is a powerful Interactive Automation System that centralizes control of lighting, security, heating/cooling, home theater, audio/video, voice mail, intercom, pool/spa, irrigation, and much more while maintaining the ability to control these systems manually. It can be operated in a variety of ways including: LCD Keypad, LED Keypad, X-10 controller, telephone (inside and out), IR remote, computer, ascii, analog and digital inputs, time/event schedule and by voice (using a computer with voice recognition software).


STARGATE adds comfort, convenience, security and saves time and energy throughout a home or business.

The LCD-96M Multi-Menu LCD Keypad provides menu-driven control of the entire STARGATE system. From any keypad you can select modes (home/away/vacation), adjust lighting scenes, open/close the garage, arm/disarm the alarm system, adjust thermostats, control the home theater, audio and video components, run the sprinklers, review voice-mail, display caller id, set wake-up times, send messages, schedule reminders, monitor system activity and much more.

Each keypad stores up to 96 user-defined menus which can be individually customized with text and graphics for easy operation, plus predefined menus for Caller ID, thermostats, voice-mail, security, variables and time-labels. The LCD-96M also has 3 LED's which can be used as signals or status indicators.

For areas that only require several control functions, the LED-7B Keypad provides 7 programmable push-buttons, each with an LED indicator and label, that can be individually programmed to control any system function such as lighting scenes, voice-mail, motorized blinds, garage doors, audio/video, etc. Up to 16 of each keypad type can be networked over STARGATE's RS-485 port using catagory-5 cable.

Each of the 7 buttons can be defined to control either an X-10 address or a specific 'Then Macro'. When defined as an X-10 button, the associated LED will indicate the status of that address, regardless of the origin of the X-10 command. When define as a 'Then Macro', the associated LED can be controlled independently by the schedule to turn on, off or blink.

The faceplate can be easily removed to give access to the designation labels. Labels can be customized for any application and printed on any printer. Different colors and/or graphics can be used to easily identify specific buttons.

STARGATE's built -in Interactive Voice Response feature allows voice prompts (factory presets and/or user programmed) to be issued based on any input condition(s). Over 600 factory preset responses are included with common phrases such as "on", "off", "up", "down", etc., which can be organized into sentences along with custom user-recorded responses. Up to 128 user responses can be recorded from any phone or via line-level input, and directed to any or all of 4 outputs (speaker out, line level out, phone line, or intercom line). This allows for maximum flexibility when setting up voice acknowledgments. Responses to commands issued by phone, for instance, can be acknowledged over the phone without disturbing the rest of the house while responses to commands issued from desktop, wall-mounted or wireless controllers can be routed to the appropriate speaker(s) or sound system based on time of day, controller location, or any other condition. Custom sounds and messages can be broadcast to the appropriate room(s) for wake-up signals, system status reports, reminders, etc.

STARGATE supports all X-10 compatible dimmers, switches and modules from X-10, PCS, ACT, Leviton, Smartlinc, etc. with 32 dim levels, allowing elaborate lighting scenes and routines to be implemented without special wiring. STARGATE also supports Lutron HomeWorks lighting systems via RS-232, allowing it to trigger any Lutron scene and respond to Lutron keypads.

STARGATE's optional InfraRed Xpander integrates control of tv's, stereos, home theater, and other infrared-operated components. Custom routines can be programmed to turn on power, select sources (am/fm, tv, vcr, cd, etc.), switch channels, set volume levels, and even close the drapes and dim the lights - all at the touch of a button or at preset times! In addition to issuing IR commands, STARGATE can respond to learned IR commands, allowing any IR remote to be used as a controller. For instance, pressing the "power" button on your tv remote can also dim the lights and close the drapes. Unused buttons can be assigned specific STARGATE functions. IR wrist watches (Casio, etc.) can be used as convenient inputs to STARGATE.

The InfraRed Xpander connects to STARGATE's AUX expansion port. It stores up to 500 IR commands which can be issued to any of its four zoned emitter outputs. Each output can directly control a component or feed an amplified connecting block to control an entire system or room full of components. Optional Power Status Sensors can be connected to sense on/off status of TV's, VCR's, receivers, etc. and keep the audio/video system in sync with STARGATE, regardless of how the components are controlled. They can also be used to trigger events such as play a voice response or unique sound when a child's tv goes on during homework time.

A unique IR sequence feature allows events to be triggered based on a sequence of received IR commands. For example, pressing the TV mute button 3 times within 5 seconds can dim the lights.

STARGATE has built-in support for RCS and Enerzone communicating thermostats to allow management of heating and cooling systems. RCS thermostats communicate via RS-485 or X-10. Enerzone thermostats communicate via RS-232. Up to 32 thermostat zones can be monitored and controlled from any LCD-96M keypad, telephone or via modem. Temperature and humidity sensors can also be incorporated to monitor and control multiple zones and their readings displayed on any LCD-96M keypad.

STARGATE directly supports the Caddx NX series alarm panels (NX-4, NX-6, NX-8 and NX-8E) via a single RS-232 serial connection. STARGATE can also be interfaced with virtually any other wired alarm panel (via relays and digital inputs) to allow remote arming and disarming, energy management and automation based on room activity and occupancy.

When at home, with the alarm system disarmed, indoor motion sensors can be programmed to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms. Outdoor motion sensors can detect visitors and switch TVs to the corresponding camera channel. Opening specific doors or windows can trigger sounds as a signal or warning or turn off heating/cooling in the area to prevent wasted energy. In emergency cases, dialing 9-1-1 can automatically flash the outside lights to help authorities locate your house.

When away or on vacation, with the alarm system armed, STARGATE can set back thermostats, turn on audio components and cycle specified lights on and off at random times to give the house an occupied appearance. Visitors (or would-be burglars) can be recorded on a standard vcr for several minutes as they approach the house. When you return home and open the garage or front door, STARGATE can adjust lights and thermostats to their appropriate settings based on time of day. As you enter your security code on the LCD keypad to disarm the alarm system, it can announce or display the number of new messages waiting in your voice-mail, the number of visitors that approached the house while you were away and rewind the video tape for you to review.

With an optional DoorPhone, STARGATE can record visitor's voice messages or forward them to your cellular phone or another phone location.

STARGATE sends and receives touchtones and responds to ring, off-hook, on-hook and Caller ID signals for unlimited communication possibilities! Any device in the system can be controlled from any inside or outside phone using simple voice-prompted touchtone commands. TVs and stereos can automatically mute when the phone rings and un-mute when the phone is hung up after the call. With Caller ID, incoming calls from friends and family can be identified and announced by name through loudspeakers ("John Doe is calling"). Blocked or unidentified calls can be routed directly to voice-mail without disturbing the household. Calls received late at night from specified numbers can be programmed to ring through while others get routed to voice-mail. STARGATE can also dial out to a pager, cell phone or private line to advise you of system conditions such as a security breach, excessive change in temperature, new voice-mail messages, motion detected, etc. STARGATE logs time, date and duration of all incoming and outgoing calls, local and long distance.

STARGATE has 8 built-in voice mail boxes. Each box can have a unique greeting and password and store up to 256 messages. Voice-mail functions (play, skip, delete, forward, back, repeat, Caller ID) can be controlled via phone, keypad, X-10 controller, IR remote or scheduled event. Messages can be played back privately with voice prompts through any phone, inside Or out, or broadcast throughout the house through dedicated speakers or distributed audio system. The LCD-96M Keypad's built-in voice-mail menu displays the number of new and old messages for each mailbox and gives easy push-button access to all voice-mail functions. Its Caller ID menu automatically displays the caller's name, number, date and time when the phone rings and lets you review the last 50 calls received.

STARGATE's built-in intercom feature provides phone-to-phone communication and control by phone while keeping the outside (C.O.) phone company line free to receive calls. When connected to a PBX telephone system, STARGATE can dial individual rooms for wake-up calls, direct incoming calls to different rooms based on Caller ID, and page through all of the phones to broadcast announcements (Caller ID, vehicle approaching, doorbell, warning signals, etc.).

STARGATE's audio path feature lets you direct sound from the C.O. line, intercom line or line level input to the speaker output, line level output, C.O. line or intercom line for voice paging, monitoring/recording calls, remote listen in, etc.

The optional DP-100 Doorphone is a handsfree intercom system that provides two-way communication between a door, gate or entrance and any telephone in the house. The Doorphone consists of a speaker box that mounts outside by the door or gate and a control unit that is installed in the equipment area, next to the STARGATE panel. To access the Doorphone, simply pick up any an inside phone, press the Doorphone code and speak. When you hang up, the Doorphone resets automatically. ADVANCED TWO-WAY X-10 CONTROL
In addition to sending X-10 commands, STARGATE monitors and identifies all X-10 activity on the power line, allowing intelligent "If-Then" control based on received X-10 commands and/or other input conditions. Programmed routines and complex macros can be set or triggered at the touch of a button from any X-10 controller (desk top, wireless remote, wall-mounted, etc.). STARGATE also supports X-10 Status Request commands and Preset Dim and Micro-Dim/Bright commands available with PCS brand dimmer modules.

STARGATE's built-in intercom allows phone-to-phone communication and paging throughout the premises through dedicated speakers and/or audio system. Calls can be placed on hold, announced by paging, and transferred to other extensions. A line-level input allows connection to a microphone preamplifier (or other audio source) for monitoring audio via telephone.

The intuitive Event Manager software makes programming easy and offers many advanced control features that can be customized to suit any residential or commercial application. Time and event-based schedules are easily programmed by selecting from simple "pop-down" menus. No language to learn or program code to write - the Windows-based Event Manager software writes it for you! Intelligent "If-Then" routines can be triggered by time, date, sunrise/sunset, received X-10 commands, received IR commands, telephone signals (touchtones, ring, off-hook, caller I.D., etc.), analog & digital inputs, ASCII text, timers, flags, variables and other input conditions. Once programmed, STARGATE can be disconnected from the computer or used together for monitoring, manual control and a host of multi-media functions. STARGATE's internal clock/calendar tracks sunrise & sunset and automatically adjusts for daylight savings and leap year!

16 opto-isolated digital inputs (expandable to 80 using 4 additional I/O Xpanders) accommodate motion detectors, security sensors, thermostats, assistive switching devices and other hardwired devices. Digital inputs can be connected "in series" with alarm system zones for interfacing automation with security. Input status can be logged to a file or printer and monitored/reviewed locally or remotely via modem. Digital inputs can accept 4-24v ac/dc or dry contacts. A jumper pair next to each digital input selects between "Voltage Input" or "Switch Input".

8 analog inputs (expandable to 40 using 4 I/O Xpanders) accommodate temperature and humidity sensors or any device with variable output from 0-5vdc. The inputs are 8 bit, which means you will have 256 'steps' or individual units of measure over the 5 volt range of the input. Built-in calibration software provides gain and offset adjustment. Analog values can be logged to a file, printer and monitored/reviewed locally or remotely via modem.

8 single-pole-double-throw (S.P.D.T.) relays (expandable to 168 using 4 I/O Xpanders and 16 Relay Xpanders) allow connection to security systems, HVAC, speakers, sprinklers, low-voltage lighting, etc. Relay output status can be logged to a file or printer and monitored/reviewed locally or remotely via modem. Relay outputs are rated 1A @ 28v ac/dc.

The optional 8CHRX Relay Xpander contains 8 relay outputs (S.P.D.T., 1A@28V) on a single chassis with screw terminal connections. Up to 16 Relay Xpanders can connect to STARGATE's RS-485 port or the connected distribution hub to provide up to 128 additional relays.

The optional IOXP I/O-Xpander contains 16 opto-isolated digital inputs (4V-24V AC/DC), 8 analog inputs (0-5VDC) and 8 relay outputs (S.P.D.T., 1A@28V) on a single chassis with screw terminal connections. Up to 4 I/O-Xpanders can connect to STARGATE's AUX expansion port.

STARGATE can be programmed to respond to ASCII text data (up to 32 character in length) to trigger any event in the schedule. It can also send ASCII text data to trigger other computer programs or control an external modem or other peripherals.

Four serial ports (3-RS232, 1-RS485) support simultaneous connection to a pc, modem and other peripherals. Both COM 2 and COM 3 (RS232 ports) have adjustable baud rates. We supply a special adapter (RJ45 to DB9) and cable to make connection to your PC easy using STARGATE's COM 1.

STARGATE's firmware code is stored in flash memory allowing upgrades to be received via modem, internet, etc, then downloaded without having to replace eproms or power down the system.

Modem Access
With an external modem connected, STARGATE can be programmed, monitored and controlled from any computer. Keypads can also be reconfigured remotely, allowing additions and changes to scheduled routines, keypad menus and button functions without a visit to the customer.

Stargate's RS-485 port (9600) baud, half-duplex) supports a network of keypads (LCD-96M, LED-7B), thermostats (TR-15, TR-36), temperature sensors(RS-20), and other input/output devices. Connected devices can be daisy-chained with category-5 cable or "home run" to optional RS-485 hubs with structured wiring.

STARGATE's AUX Expansion Port supports the IR-XP2 InfraRed Xpander and up to 4 I/O Xpanders for for added I/O capacity. Each I/O Xpander provides an additional 16 low-voltage digital inputs, 8 analog inputs and 8 relay outputs.

Stargate-Lite is for those who do not require the telephone, intercom, voice-mail and voice response features. Stargate-Lite provides all the other functions, supports the same peripherals (keypads, thermostats, modem, etc.), uses the same WinEVM software and can be later upgraded to a complete STARGATE by purchasing the plug-in Telephone/Voice Daughter board.

The multi-purpose "MegaController" allows total system monitoring and manual control in a single, on-screen interactive workspace!

MegaController features include:
  • Interactive Status Display
    Displays on/off status of all 256 X-10 addresses and allows manual control of the entire system.
  • Activity Log
    Logs and displays date, time, origin, and letter/number/function code of all X-10, IR & I/O commands as they occur.
  • History button
    Recalls system activity (previous 200 commands) for review, file or print out. - (An invaluable tool for monitoring or troubleshooting any X-10 system.)
  • I/O Access
    Displays status of digital inputs and relay outputs and allows direct control of relays via mouse or keyboard.
  • Analog Access
    Reads and displays status of analog inputs.
  • IR Access
    Allows manual control of all learned IR commands.
  • HVAC Access
    Allows direct access to HVAC functions.
  • Telephone Access
    Allows direct access to telephone functions.


JDS Stargate Home Automation Controller
The Next Generation in Home Automation!

Power16.5VAC @ 40VA
ConnectionsRS232: (3) RJ45, RS485: (1) Screw Terminal
CompatibilityIBM or compatible w/ asynchronous serial port
Required Operating SystemWindows 3.1x or Windows 95, 98
Required Available Disk Space3 MBytes (Windows)
Digital Inputs16 (expandable), 4-24V AC/DC
Analog Inputs8 (expandable), 0-5VDC
Relay Outputs8 (expandable), NO & NC Contacts, 1A @28VDC
Transmission Rate9600 bps asynchronous
Data Format8 Data Bits, No Parity, One Stop Bit
Delay TimersUnlimited
Defined Timers32
Time Labels32
ASCII32 characters/line
Lines of CodeApprox. 9,000
Activity LogLast 200 commands
Message Log12,000 characters
Dimensions11" x 15" x 4"
Weight13 lbs.


JDS Software Downloads

We provide two FREE home control software demo packages which you can download.
For existing users, we provide the latest versions of Event Manager for Windows.

Click on the icons below to begin downloading.
(ALL SETUP FILES) and previous versions.
Event Manager for STARGATE.
File Name: SG3087SU.ZIP (2.4M)
STARGATE UPDATE version 3.08.7
(WINEVM.EXE version 3.08.7 and firmware version SG3087.HEX)
File Name: SG3087UD.ZIP (500K).
View the included README.TXT file for a list of new features and details.
The latest version (2.40) of FWTOOL.EXE (Firmware update utility included with full install setup files.) File Name: FWTOOL.ZIP 52K).
Stargate Demo: Event Manager for STARGATE. Included is a sample 'schedule' with different 'event' examples to help get you started writing your own 'events' for STARGATE.
File Name: SGDEMO.ZIP (1.33M)
TIMECOMMANDER FULL INSTALL version 2.43d: (ALL SETUP FILES) and previous versions. Event Manager for TimeCommander or TimeCommander-Plus
View the included README.TXT file for version 2.43d.
TIMECOMMANDER UPDATE version1.12: Event Manager version 1.12 for TimeCommander or TimeCommander-Plus (WINEVM.EXE ONLY).
File Name: TC112UD.ZIP (217K). [Note: Event Manager for Windows requires firmware version 2.10 - 2.29.]
TIMECOMMANDER DEMO: Event Manager for the TimeCommander or TimeCommander-Plus. Included is a sample 'schedule' with different 'event' examples to help get you started writing your own 'events' for TimeCommander or TimeCommander-Plus. File Name: TCDEMO.ZIP (1.28M)
IR CONTROL: A free virtual remote for your PC and InfraRed Xpander in serial mode. For a fee, this program can be upgraded to additional capabilities after the installation.
TERMINAL: Contains Terminal.exe and support files for diagnostic purposes. File name: TERMINAL.ZIP (68.4 K)
WEB XPANDER : Utilities and support files for downloading firmware updates to the Web Xpander.
POCKET WEBX: Order the Pocket WebX graphic user interface program.
Download free trial version.
Download required support files.
WINZIP: Use this link to get the latest evaluation version of WINZIP. This is a useful utility for many types of compressed files you may download over the net. Any WINZIP program will expand the .ZIP files you download from JDS Technologies.

More Info

JDS Feature Comparison Chart

Feature Comparison Chart



Web-Xpander Compatible3 Included
X-10 Send/Receive
IR Send/Receive1
Digital Inputs2
Analog Inputs
Relay Outputs
I/O Xpander Support
Relay Xpander Support
Caddx Security Interface
Wired HVAC Interface
X-10 HVAC Interface
RS-232 Ports 3 3 1 3
RS-485 Port 1 1 1
LED Keypad Support
LCD Keypad Support
AUX Expansion Port
12VDC Source
5VDC Source
Internal Battery Backup
External Battery Backup
Schedule Capacity (Lines)4 9,000 9,000 2,100 2,100
Upgradable Via Internet
  1. Requires optional IR-XP2 InfraRed Xpander.
  2. STARGATE and STARGATE-Lite digital inputs respond to low voltage or dry contacts (switchable). TCM-PLUS responds to low voltage only.
  3. Requires optional Web-Xpander ethernet-serial module.
  4. Actual capacity may vary depending on actions used in schedule.

JDS Product Brochures, Manuals, and Layout Diagrams
View the following JDS Documents in your browser, or, to save them to your hard drive, right click the links and select "Save Target As...". The files are in Acrobat PDF Format (click to download Acrobat Reader).

Stargate and STARGATE-Lite
LCD-96M Multi Menu Keypad
InfraRed Xpander

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