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inVoca 4-in-1 Voice Operated Remote Control


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Product Description

Using technology so advanced that it has been used in interplanetary space probes, Innotech's Voice Operated Remote Control Technology uses the sound of your voice to control your TV, VCR, Cable Box, Satellite, and Home Theater.

The Voice Operated Remote Control converts spoken words into remote control signals using Innotech's acclaimed remote control infrared code library.

Able to recognize over fifty commands y in any language y Innotech's Voice Operated Remote Controls are so automated they can perform complex multi-step operations from a single word and even surf the channels while you just lean back and watch!


  • Full Universal Remote Control
    • Operates with voice or keys
    • Includes Innotech's acclaimed Infrared Code Library for TVs, VCRs, Cable boxes, Satellite receivers, DVD, and audio components
    • Control up to four devices (TV, VCR/DVD, Cable/DSS, AUX)
  • User -Trained Voice Recognition
    • Language and accent independent
    • Map any voice command to any button
    • Train up to 54 voice commands
  • Easy Set-Up
    • Friendly "Voice Prompts" talk you through the set-up process
    • Simple training process combines macros and voce commands
    • Handy "Auto-Search" feature finds the right code for your entertainment device
    • Read the Quick Start Guide Here.
  • Four independent "Personalities"
    • Every family member has their own personal voice commands and favorite channels
  • Powerful Macro capability
    • A single voice command can send multiple button presses
    • Multi-String Macros send out different button sequences on subsequent commands
    • Up to 24 macros
  • Favorite Channel Selection
  • Channel Scan for Hands Free Surfing
  • Non-Volatile Memory retains set-up information, even with the battery removed
  • Priority Press TM simplifies commands and reduces button presses
  • Fast Volume for rapid voice-controlled volume changes
  • Note: "Hands-Free" IR Remoted Control for paraplegics is best accomplished using the Sptifire IR Remote Control interfaced with the Voice Activation Software residing on the user's PC.
  • Invoca requires (4) AA alkaline batteries
Covering over 98% of the world's home entertainment systems, the Innotech IR Code Library includes codes for well over 5,000 TV, VCR, satellite, audio, home theater and cable box models -- more than available from any other source. And the library is constantly enhanced as new consumer products are brought to market.

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