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Leviton Long-Range Infrared Wall-Mount Occupancy Sensor, 100ft. 110 degrees at 10ft high

Leviton Long-Range Infrared Wall-Mount Occupancy Sensor, 100ft. 110 degrees at 10ft high

Item # OSWLR-I0W


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Product Description

Leviton's Advanced PIR technology for highly accurate monitoring. All-digital self-adjusting technology provides "install and forget" solution for automatic lighting control. Use with Leviton Power Pack or, where compatible, Centura Dimming Power Pack.


  • Combines PIR Technology with a microprocessor based digital architecture. By eliminating false triggering, the sensor provides a trouble-free "install and forget" solution for lighting control
  • Self-adjusting settings continuously analyze and adjust infrared sensitivity, timer operation, and long term performance
  • Adjustable swivel neck rotates 80 degrees vertically and 60 degrees horizontally. Can be used for ceiling or wall mounting
  • Ambient light override prevents lights from turning on when there is ample natural light
  • Self-Adjusting delayed-off time interval settings for 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Compensates for real-time occupancy patterns- preventing unnecessary on/off switching
  • Non-volitile memory preserves all automatic and manual settings during power outages.
  • Fast, simple installation using 3 color-coded low-voltage wires and a single mounting post
  • Excellent 5-Year Limited warranty
  • Typical Applications: Long narrow spaces such as Warehouse Aisles, Hallways and Corridors where a low mounting height is desireable

Product Features:
Sensor Type: PIR Long Range Aisle
Adjustment: Self-Adjusting
Sensor Technology: Passive Infrared
Pattern Degrees: 8
Coverage Range Sq. Ft.: 100FT X 14FT @ 10FT Height
Manual Time Adjustment: 30s-30m, 6s Test Mode
Load Rating: Uses Power Pack
Input Voltage: 24VDC
Current Consumption: 20mA
Photo Cell: Ambient Override ON
Color: White
Standards and Certifications: CUL/US Cert
Warranty: 5-Year Limited
Housing Material: High-Impact, Injection Moulded Plastic
Code Compliance: California Title 24


Electrical Specifications
Input Voltage 24VDC
Current Consumption 20mA
Load Rating 24VDC w/Short Circuit Protection
Power Supply Output Uses Power Pack
Mechanical Specifications
Sensor Technology Passive Infrared
Pattern Degrees 8
Coverage Range Sq. Ft. 100FT X 14FT @ 10FT Height
Major Motion Area 100X14 Feet
Wire Leads Color Coded 6 Inch
Photo Cell Ambient Override ON
Material Specifications
Color White
Housing Material High-Impact, Injection Moulded Plastic
LED Indicator Red Infrared Motion
PIR Lens Type Multi-Element High Bay
Sensor Weight 6oz/171g
Control Specifications
Adjustment Self-Adjusting
Manual Time Adjustment 30s-30m, 6s Test Mode
Timer Factory Preset 10 Minutes
Sensitivity Adjustmant 0 to 100 Pct
Sensitivity Factory Preset Infrared 75 Pct
Photocell Adjustment 20 to 3000 Lux
Photocell Factory Preset 3000 Lux (disable photocell)
LED Disable LEDS Enable/LEDS Disable
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature 32F to 104F 0C to 40C
Operating Humidity 0 Pct to 95 Pct Relative, Non-Condensing
Standards and Certifications
CUL/US Listed 9034
ANCE Compliant
NOM 057
Code Compliance California Title 24
FCC Compliant
ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Compliant

More Info

Leviton offers a wide selection of motion sensors that use passive infrared, ultrasonic or a combined multi-sensing technology. Occupancy Sensors provide automatic ON/OFF switching of lighting loads for enhance convenience, security and long-term energy savings.

There are Leviton sensors for monitoring conference rooms, restrooms, stockrooms, stairwells and parking garages in commercial and institutional facilities, and there are also sensors designed for monitoring porches, patios, hallways and backyards in residential settings.

The Passive Infrared (PIR) units respond to changes in the infrared background by turning lights ON when people enter space being monitored, and OFF when the space is unoccupied.

The Ultrasonic (US) units transmit an ultrasound signal and monitor changes in the signals return time to detect occupancy.

Multi-Technology units combine PIR and US sensing technologies for highly accurate monitoring with minimum false triggering.

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