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Harmony Universal Remote Control - Internet Powered, Smart State Technology

Item # SST-659

This product has been discontinued.

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Product Description

Introducing the ultimate family remote control!
  • Easy to use, easy to set-up.
  • Full control of any component.
  • One-touch Activity Buttons.
  • Total PVR Control.
  • No Macro programming required.
  • 2MB Flash Memory.
  • Super Bright Backlight.
  • Free TV Listings for 2 months.
  • SST inside.


Easy to Use
The Harmony Remote is the world's only remote with Smart State Technology TM (SST TM) Activity Control. Just press an Activity button such as "Watch TV" or "Watch a Movie", and the Harmony Remote will automatically set-up your entertainment system in seconds without you ever having to program a 'macro'. The Harmony Remote provides simple, intuitive control of even the most elaborate entertainment system for anyone in the family.

Easy to Set-up
The Harmony Remote Activities are configured through our unique Web Wizard tools on With the world's only Smart State Database of electronic devices, set-up is a snap. The community-driven database together with IR learning ensures support of all infrared-controlled devices made by any manufacturer, including TiVo, HDVCR, HDTV, Plasma Displays, Monitors, Projectors, Lighting Control, CD/DVD-R, PVR, Satellite Radios, Amplifiers, DVD Players, Receivers, Dual VCRs and even combination devices like DVD-VCR components.

Much more than a remote
With interactive media capabilities, you can select TV Shows, Movies or Music titles from the interactive display. You can even control devices like lights, fireplace and your personal computer!

USB Plug 'n Play
After completing the Web Wizard set-up, program the remote by simply connecting the Harmony Remote to your computer with the supplied USB cable.

Help Button
One touch help for any problems you might encounter.

Activity Buttons
Easily start your favorite Activities with just one press of a button!

Interactive Display
Easy to read interactive display keeps you in control and informed of what's going on.

Backlight Glow
Backlighting makes the buttons and interactive display glow brightly for easy use in the dark.

Learning port
Just point your original remote at the Learning Port to capture and use any infrared command with the Harmony Remote.

New Features and overview:
The new Harmony SST-659 is the culmination of customer feedback, design refinement and user group studies. The resulting product includes some notable feature inclusions like Activity buttons, top mounted display, separate navigation buttons, dedicated satellite control and bright backlit buttons. The new design even enhances comfortable one-handed operation.

The SST-659 is not intended to replace the 748 or 768. Users accessing hundreds of TV programs, CD's and MP3 titles directly from the interactive display will still want the scroll wheel found exclusively on the SST-748 and 768 models. The SST-659 really completes the Harmony line of products with an extremely user-friendly interface that anyone can use without any training. The combination of this incredibly simple interface and the Smart State Technology makes the 659 remote the choice for the whole family.

Harmony Remote has continued to advance its trademark Help feature with the SST-659. With a press of the bright yellow Help button, located at the top of the remote, anyone can easily synchronize a system in seconds. Now, when your family wants to watch TV, instead of scrolling to the activity, you just press the green button "Watch TV" or the red button, "Listen to Music," and the remote will send the appropriate commands to automatically set up the system. Separate navigation buttons, placement of the transport controls (fast forward, rewind, etc.) and contoured volume and channel buttons make the remote by far the easiest remote to operate. "Sound" and "Picture" buttons allow access to unlimited specialized commands to satisfy even the most technical user.

The new black SST-659 features a brightly backlit display and buttons.. The interactive display screen is now located at the top of the remote. Convenient "ATM style" soft buttons, located to the sides of the screen, make menu navigation a breeze. Parents and children alike will have no problem using the New Harmony Remote SST-659.


Harmony Remotes Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q. What does the Harmony Remote do?
The Harmony Remote is the first web-smart Universal Remote control. You customize your Harmony Remote on your personal home page at Your configuration, along with your personal TV listings, are uploaded directly into the Harmony Remote's memory. After that the Harmony Remote controls all of your home entertainment components with Activities. You can even interact with your entertainment with the Zap button.

What are the differences between the Harmony SST-745, SST-748 and SST-768?
While each of the Harmony Remotes control all of your home entertainment components with Activities using Smart State Technology, the Harmony SST-768 has quite a few upgrades from the Harmony SST-745 and SST-748. The Harmony SST-768 comes with more hard buttons (SST-745/748 have 13/14 while the SST-768 has 31) including: a numeric keypad, a TV Guide access button and hard transport keys for PVR control (i.e. TIVO and Replay TV). SST-768 has 2 megabytes of non-volatile flash memory - doubling the SST-745/748. While connected to the PC through the mini USB cable the SST-768 and SST-748 use power from the PC, when not connected they both use 4 AAA 1.5V batteries (SST-745 uses 3 batteries and does not use power from the PC, so it has a much shorter battery life.) The SST-768 and SST-748 also have a new ergonomic design (the IR LED's are also covered in the new models). SST-768 also comes in your choice of colour: blue, silver or red (SST-745 and SST-748 are only available in silver). To see a comparison of features, click here.

Are my devices in the Harmony Remote database?
Chances are the answer is Yes! Our database is your database, and it grows every time a Harmony Remote customer teaches a signal, or answers a question about a new device. Our Database Team is always working to verify new information and infrared codes to make them available to all of our new and existing customers.

Can I see a list of all supported devices? The number of devices in our database grows every day and is now in the tens of thousands. For this reason, publishing a list of devices is not practical. If one of your model numbers is not yet in our database, its infrared language most likely is. It's easy to add an entirely new device, based on the languages and compatible models already in our database.

Will I have to teach commands to my Harmony Remote from my devices' original remotes?
Only if our database is missing its infrared language. Each new language that is taught by a customer is verified by our Database Team and then added to the public database for all customers to use. Manufacturers use the same infrared languages over and over; so it is very unusual that a device has a new language, different than all those in our database.

Can I set-up the Harmony Remote using Mac?
Yes, all Harmony Remote models SST-748 and SST-768 shipping after August 1, 2003 have Mac support built-in. Models that shipped previous to August 1, 2003 can be upgraded in minutes. For upgrade instructions, click here.

Does the Harmony Remote have support PVR functionality for devices such as TiVo?
Yes, the Harmony does support PVR functionality. The Watch Television activity with a PVR allows you to Navigate, activate the PVR's onscreen Menu, select channels, etc. The popular commands are available via the Harmony Remote's buttons, and all other commands are available via the Harmony Remote's LCD screen.

What conditions apply to the TV listings?
Currently your TV listings are covered by the purchase price of the Harmony Remote, and are available in North America only.  Please stay tuned for updates. 

Why is the LCD screen at the bottom of the Harmony Remote?
Unlike with many other remote controls with a screen, the Harmony Remote LCD screen is at the bottom. This unusual placement was determined by ergonomic testing. We found that when the Harmony Remote is used to access LCD commands or TV listings, it is held like a cell phone with one's thumb (or index finger if you are left handed) on the scroll wheel. This means the LCD is perfectly placed to view this information.  This unique design makes the Harmony Remote a simple yet extremely powerful one handed remote.

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Harmony Remote Product Comparison

Pick the right Harmony Remote for your home.
The following information will help you to decide which Harmony Remote is best suited for your home:

All Harmony Remotes use the power of Smart State Technology for simple system control. They are all set up in the same, simple way using the web-based tools provided at No programming is required. Once you have created your free Harmony login ID at you can download the remote setup information into any one of the three current Harmony Remote models. If you buy a different model later on, just download the same setup information

Model: SST-659 SST-768 SST-748

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The SST-659 remote's strength is it's simple user interface. It is the most intuitive layout of buttons we have ever created. With the addition of a dedicated directional pad for controlling Satellite, PVR, Cable Box TV Guide or DVD Menu, anyone can pick up a 659 and instantly know what to do next to work their entertainment system. As a result it's perfect for the whole family and anyone else who has not taken remote 101 at a local college. The SST-768 remote has a scroll wheel. The beauty of the scroll wheel is the speed with which accessing IR commands and data can be achieved. If you are using the remote to access the channels on the Harmony Remote screen for TV guide, CD or MP3 listings, the SST-768 is definitely for you. The 768 will take a little longer to learn the interface however it has won many awards for its ease of use.

"I have over 2000 MP3s on my computer's hard drive that I access from my Harmony and I would not want to access the titles without the 768 scroll wheel."
Like the SST-768 the SST-748 has a scroll wheel. The 748 does not have a dedicated numeric keypad for direct channel entry. The 748 does not have dedicated PVR buttons. The 748 strength is it pure simplicity. It's based on the design of the very first Harmony Remote. If anyone in your house is intimidated by buttons then the 748 is for you. The 748 can also be used as simple solution for computer and boardroom presentation control.

"My mother is 80 and she surfs TV channels with her TV on screen guide, so the 748 is perfect for her"
Typical User: Someone who wants to pick up the remote and know how to use it without any training. All commands that don't have specific buttons will be accessible through the Interactive Display buttons. If you want to customize every last button and menu to your exact requirements, for controlling your main entertainment room then this is the remote for you. If you want a simple remote for distributed sound, home control or boardroom/classroom type of applications, then this is the remote for you.
Hardware: SST-659 SST-768 SST-748
Back light Yes (Blue - button and screen) Yes (Blue - buttons and screen)** Screen only (green) with glow in the dark buttons
Number of Buttons 50 buttons 32 buttons 15 buttons
Dedicated HELP button Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions 8.1x2.3x1.3 6.1x2.1x1.3 in. 6.1x2.1x1.3 in.
Scroll wheel No Yes Yes
Direction keys Dedicated Shared Shared
LCD Screen placement Top Bottom Bottom
Dedicated "Activity" buttons Yes No (Scroll/Select wheel) No (Scroll/Select wheel)
Numeric key pad (for direct channel access) Yes Yes No
IR learning Yes Yes Yes
Zap Button Yes (Shared with Media button) Yes Yes
Memory* 2 Mb Flash 2 Mb Flash 1Mb Flash
Supported Platforms: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and Mac OS X Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and Mac OS X Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and Mac OS X
Media: SST-659 SST-768 SST-748
TV Guide on the remote Two months free (yearly subscription fee) Yes - Included in purchase price Yes - Included in purchase price
CD listings on the remote Yes (additional license fee) Yes - Included in purchase price Yes - Included in purchase price
DVD listings on the remote Yes (additional license fee) Yes - Included in purchase price Yes - Included in purchase price
MP3 listings on the remote Coming (additional license fee) Coming - Included in purchase price Coming - Included in purchase price
Dedicated media button Yes No No
Media Navigation Interactive Display Buttons Scroll/Select Wheel Scroll/Select Wheel
Customizations: SST-659 SST-768 SST-748
Rename Activities & assign to short cut Activity buttons Rename Activities Rename Activities
Select & rename commands for each of the Default, Sound, Picture and Device Modes Edit default menus, create menus, and change function of buttons. Edit default menus, create menus, and change function of buttons.
No XML customizations available XML customizations available for advanced power users. XML customizations available for advanced power users.

* Non-volatile flash memory means that your Harmony configuration will never be lost, even when you change the batteries.
** Check with each specific dealer for availability of latest models

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