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Optex Multi Stabilized Outdoor PIR Detector w/ Voice Recording & Warning

Item # VX-402REC

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Product Description

  • Reliable Short-Range Detection for External Areas
  • Ideal for Event Driven CCTV Applications
  • Two Detection Zones for Superior Stability
  • Available in 3 Versions: VX-402 (standard), VX-402R (battery operated, wireless), VX-402REC (Voice Recording & Warning)
  • Record / playback custom messages in any language for each application (VX-402REC)
  • Wireless model allows for simple, wire-free installation (VX-402R)


Voice Recording / Warning Functions ( VX-402REC only ) The VX-402REC provides great flexibility in detector-activated voice applications. As well as the ability to record any message in any language, with its superior playback settings, it allows the right message to be played in every situation.

Easy Voice Recording
By using either the built-in microphone or external recording equipment such as a PC, the VX-402REC allows two messages of up to eight seconds to in length to be recorded.

Voice Warning Function
Once recorded, the two messages can be delivered in one of four different playback sequences.

Sequential Playback
When the VX-402REC first detects someone in the area, it delivers a caution message. If someone crosses more than 2 detection zones within 30 seconds of the first message, the "caution" message automatically changes into a "warning" message. For each detection within 30 seconds thereafter, the "warning" is repeated.

Directional Detection Playback
When the VX-402REC is used with another detection device such as an outdoor PIR, active photobeam or a magnetic contact, different messages can be set to guarantee that potential intruders are deterred as effectively as possible. The caution message is generated at the first detection, and the warning message generated at the second detection.

Day/Night Message Playback
Changes the message automatically in daytime and nighttime, for example giving a welcome message in daytime and an alert message at night.

Arm/Disarm Playback
Provides a caution alert when the Arm Mode is on, for example when deterrence is intended, and gives a different message when disarmed.

External Speaker Terminal
The VX-402REC has a voice output terminal allowing an external speaker to be connected. The most common applications for this are either when a high-volume announcement is needed or when the best position for the speaker is away from the detector unit.

A Variety of Applications
  • Intruder Prevention: An alarm is activated when an intruder enters the property or prohibited area.
  • Warning Alert: A safety warning is activated. For example, when children go near a dangerous area such as a swimming pool.
  • Shop Entrance: A welcome message is given when customers enter a premises.
Improved False Alarm Protection for Stable Reliability
The VX-402 Series utilizes Multiple Detection Pattern Technology two double-layered detection patterns (upper and lower) both have to be activated to generate an alarm condition. This reduces false alarms, particularly those caused by temperature changes, light reflection and small animals.

Flexible Detection Range Function
By limiting the detection range, false alarms due to unwanted movement, e.g., cars, people or animals outside the protected area can be reduced.

Size Judging Function
The size judgment function virtually eliminates false alarms due to small animals.

When only the lower zone detects a moving object, the unit is not activated.

When only the upper zone detects a moving object, the unit is not activated.

When both the upper & lower zones detect a moving object, the unit is activated.

Advanced Temperature Compensation
At higher ambient temperatures, the difference between the background temperature and that of a human body is reduced. In such cases an ordinary PIR might fail to accurately detect the human body. The VX-402 uses advanced temperature compensation to automatically increase the detector's sensitivity under high temperature conditions, especially where the background temperature ranges from 35-37°C, close to that of the human body.

Double Conductive Shielding
Patented Double Conductive Shielding Technology utilizes a special conductive filter to cover the element window, allowing infrared energy to pass through, while blocking and grounding out unwanted light and RFI sources. This helps reduce false alarms caused by car headlights and reflected sunlight in particular.

Multiple Detectors for Improved Functionality
For advanced functionality and reliability without the need for a control panel, the VX-402 can be connected to another detector, e.g. PIR, photobeam or magnetic contact. Various configurations are possible.
  • Detection Area Extension Function
    Wiring two VX-402 series sensors together and selecting the "OR" Mode enables the detection pattern to be effectively doubled.

  • Directional Detection Function
    By selecting the "AND" Mode and programming which sensor should be activated first (using DIP Switch Programming), the VX-402 Series can sense direction and will only be activated if motion is in a specified direction.
Rear View with Labels

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Battery Operated (VX-402R)
The battery operated VX-402R allows for low cost simple outdoor installation, while providing exceptional detection capability.
  • Battery Saving Circuit
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Form C Alarm Output and Tamper Output
  • Low Current Draw

Detection Patterns
Top View

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Side View

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Dimensional Diagrams
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Detection MethodPassive Infrared
Coverage12m (40f t.) 90° wide
Detection Zones14 zones
Mounting Height0.8~1.2m (2.7~4f t.)
Sensitivity2.0° C (3.6° F ) at 0.6m/s
Detectable Speed0.3~1.5m/s (1~5f t./s)
Power Input9.5~18V DC3~9V DC Alkaline or Lithium Battery
Current DrawNormal 25mA max. 180mA (N.C.)
Normal 12mA max. 200mA (N.O.)
Normal 25mA max. 28mA (N.C.)
Normal 10mA max. 35mA (N.O.)
Max 3mA (Walktest, LED on)
10uA (Standby)
Alarm Period2 ± 1sec.Approx. 2.5sec.
Alarm OutputSelectable N.C./N.O.:28V DC 0.2A max.Form C-Solid State Switch:10V DC 0.01A
Tamper SwitchN.C. Opens when cover removedForm C
Pulse Count20 ± 5sec. 2 or 4Approx. 20sec. 2 or 4
Warm-up PeriodApprox. 30sec. (LED blinks)Approx. 2min
Volume of Audible75dB----
LED IndicatorLED IndicatorDisable during normal operation; Enable during walk test
Recording condition----
Operating Temperature- 20~+50° C (-4~+122° F)
Environment Humidity95% max.
RF InterferenceNo Alarm 30V/m
MountingWall, Pole, Conduit and Electrical BoxWall, Pole
Weight550g (19.4oz.)480g (16.9oz.)
Standard AccessoriesPole Mount Kit, Screw Kit, Area Masking Plate
Recommended External Speaker
Impedance8 ohm----
Max. Powerover 30W----
Output S.P.L.over 80dB/m----
Wiring Length10m----

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