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RCS X10 Bi-directional Digital Thermostat

Item # TX15R-B

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Product Description

Allows full manual control and two feature X10 control (ON/OFF and SETBACK ON/OFF with preset 8 degrees. Bi-directional capabilites for X10 verification back to status tracking home controllers. Includes: TS15 Wall Display Unit, Control Unit, PSC05 2-Way Powerline Interface, Cable


  • Standard receive only TX15 and Bi-Directional TX15B models
  • Two part design
  • Set specific temperatures by X10 commands
  • Set modes by X10 commands
  • Backlit LCD Wall Display Unit
  • For standard gas/electric or heat pump HVAC systems
  • Replaces existing 4 or more wire thermostats without the need for additional wiring
TX15 HVAC Control Unit Operation
The TX15 series thermostats provide typical thermostat functions as well as the capability to receive X10 powerline carrier signals. The X10 commands allow for the thermostat's Setpoint, Mode and Fan functions to be changed remotely. In addition, the TX15-B series has bi-directional capability and can also transmit information by X10 commands using an extended X10 command set.

The TX15 thermostats consist of two parts, a Wall Display Unit (WDU) and a Control Unit. The Wall Display Unit looks like a traditional thermostat and is the wall mounted user interface for the TX15 series. It provides display, control pushbuttons and the temperature sensor. The WDU connects to the Control Unit by a 4 wire cable. The Control Unit connects to the HVAC system in place of a standard thermostat and provides the thermostatic temperature control of the system. The Control Unit also has the X10 interface input and the 12 VDC power supply input.

TS15 Wall Display Unit
The WDU has a two digit back-lit LCD display, control buttons for changing the Setpoint (Up and Down), Mode (Off, Heat, Cool, Auto) and manual Fan (On/Auto) functions and a digital temperature sensor. The LCD display serves as a common display for current temperature, setpoint, mode and manual fan status. The display normally shows current temperature and switches to show setpoint or mode when those buttons are pushed. Remote sensor versions do not have an internal sensor and have a connection for a remote sensor, such as the RS15 wall mounted temperature sensor.

Any changes in temperature, or control button operations, are transmitted to the Control Unit. Updates in setpoint or mode can also be received by the WDU from the Control Unit. When updates are received, they are displayed for 3 seconds and then the display returns to the current temperature.

LCD Display
The LCD display normally shows the current temperature. Whenever any of the control buttons are pushed, the LCD display will change to show that function's current status. The LCD display will stay in the new display mode as long as buttons are being pushed. After 3 seconds of no activity, the display will change back to show current temperature. The right decimal point on the LCD display will turn on whenever manual fan is on. The left decimal point will blink whenever the setback mode is active.

Remote changes in setpoint or modes that are received from the Control Unit will cause the LCD display to switch and display the updated data for 3 seconds and then return to current temperature.

X10 Powerline Interface Module
The TX15 interfaces to X10 through the TX15 HVAC Control Unit via a PSC05 2-Way Powerline Interface module and cable (both included with TX15 or TX15B).

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