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Lighted House Number - Solar Powered

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Product Description

  • Ensure that police, fire, or medical teams are able to locate your home or office quickly in times of emergency.
  • Help friends and visitors find your home or office quickly and easily.
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of deliveries (i.e. hot pizza instead of cold pizza).
"As an EMT on an ambulance, I can't express the importance of making sure your house is easily identified should you need medical care. Help us locate your house quickly with this product." -A. Daley, Product Specialist for Smart Home Systems


  • User-selectable number with up to 5 digits
  • Large, bright numbers are visible from far away
  • Easy two minute installation. Posts included for mounting on front lawn. Can also be mounted directly on your house wall.
  • No wiring necessary.
  • Energy-efficient solar panel converts ordinary daylight into enough power to keep your Lighted House Number illuminated all night long.
  • Modern design complements any style of architecture or landscaping.
  • LED light lasts forever.
  • Dimensions: Each of the five digits is 2.5" high by 1.5" wide.

Wall Mounted

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