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UPB 900W Single-Rocker Dimmer Controller Switch with Blue and Green LED - White - US11-40-W - Buy 4, Get 1 Free!

Item # SAUS1140W-B4G1

This item weighs 2.07lbs.

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Product Description

Provides ON/OFF, dimming and timed OFF control for:
  • Incandescent lighting
  • Magnetic low-voltage lighting
  • Halogen lighting

The SimplyBrilliant™ UPB Dimming Transceiver Switch, model US11-40 by Simply Automated, provides direct load control and/or remote control of permanently-installed new or existing lighting fixtures, lamps and other electrical devices connected to UPB devices. Each unit has one rocker switch that directly controls a load up to 900W. Incandescent lamps can be turned ON or OFF, and can also be dimmed and brightened. The US11-40 can be configured to turn other types of non-dimmable loads ON and OFF. The timer function can be used to automatically turn OFF loads, after a preset time, like bathroom fans or heat lamps. The switch may also act as a transmitter or receiver that can communicate with other UPB devices, either individually or collectively for lighting scenes.

  • 900W Dimmer Controller Base with Programmable Countdown Timer
  • White Faceplate


SimplyBrilliant® US11-40-W is a UPB Dimming Transceiver Switch with timer option and a single white rocker faceplate. Almond, Light Almond, Ivory, Black or Brown faceplates (model ZS11 Series) are available and easily changed in the field. The US11-40 provides ultra-reliable control of new and existing lighting fixtures, lamps, fans and other electrical devices. Each unit has one switch that controls a load of up to 900W. It can also transmit and receive lighting scene commands with other Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) switches, plugin modules, fixture modules and/or other devices – to control virtually anything that connects to AC power wiring anywhere in the home.

  • No new wires
    • Communicates over existing power lines
    • Transmits and receives UPB lighting scenes
  • UPB technology delivers...
    • Exceptional reliability and noise immunity
    • Lowest installed cost compared to hardwired and RF solutions
    • No interference between adjacent homes
  • Easily configured or reconfigured with UPStart (PC) software
    • Makes changing lighting scenes and control quick and easy
US11-40-W Features:
  • Timer Function
    • Automatically turns off load - ideal for bathroom light/fan control
    • 15 presets, locally or scene-link controlled
  • True rocker action
    • Both ON/OFF, dimming and timer capabilities
    • 200 dimming steps and Resume Dim
    • Adjustable (faster) response time and fade rate
  • Manual scene-link changes with rocker/buttons
    • Add or delete devices from scene with 7 or 8 taps
    • Adjust linked devices' light levels and save with 7 taps
  • Interchangeable rocker assemblies
    • Change color in the field
    • Higher flexibility / lower inventory costs
  • Thinner depth profile allows easy installation
  • Dedicated Remote Switch (Model USR) connection
    • Provides inexpensive 3 or more-way control option


  • Power: 120VAC +/- 10%, 60Hz
  • Max Load: 900W at 120VAC (7.5A)
  • Connections: 6" stranded pigtails, #16 AWG for power/load, #20 AWG for multi-way traveler(s)
  • Wiring:
    • Black: AC Line
    • White: AC Neutral
    • Brown: Load (to fixture)
    • Brown / White: Traveler 1
  • Operating Temperature: 30-120°F (0-50°C)
  • Physical:
    • Dimensions: 4.2"H x 1.7"W x 1.6"D (107 x 43 x 41mm). Depth inside J-box = 1.33"
    • Weight: 3.8 oz (108g)
    • Mounting: standard J-box


FREE Download! UPStart Configuration Software, read more about the perfect tool to unlock all of the advanced features of your Universal Powerline Bus (UPB™) devices.

As always, we offer free technical support on all our products, so call us if you need help using this software! 1-888-843-9103

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