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Simply Automated UPB Tabletop Scene Controller Pedestal

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Product Description

The USQT Tabletop Scene Controller Pedestal is designed around the popular SimplyBrilliant® UCQT-40 Scene Controller that has 4 programmable buttons and 4 status LEDs. The USQT pedestal is available in white or black (models USQT-W and USQT-BK, respectively). It is easily configured with UPStart UPB configuration software, a Computer Interface Module (UMC Series) and a personal computer (PC). Custom label kits are available (model ZLK-01S), so the buttons and status LEDs can be easily labeled to identify the controlled lighting scene or device.

The USQT transmits and receives UPB lighting scene links. It is used as a UPB lighting scene or device controller, and provides ultra-reliable control of any UPB dimmer or relay device. The USQT also listens for and receives lighting scene links allowing the status LEDs to track and indicate the state of scenes, or individual light loads. Extremely flexible with 8 LED status receive presets, the 4-LEDs can be set to show which lights are on or off; inside or outside the home. It can also transmit and receive lighting scene commands and status with other Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) controllers including any PC / security / home automation systems that provide a UPB serial driver option (see for a current listing) – to control virtually anything that connects to AC power anywhere in the home.

SimplySmart™ manual scene link modification capabilities are unique to Simply Automated devices. A user can easily change existing scenes, adding or removing devices and adjusting light levels, by pressing buttons in a specific sequence (see User Guide for details) without using UPStart.


Four green LEDs provide scene link status indication
  • Indicates when lighting scene are on or off
  • Can track and indicate load status, as well as scenes
  • Eight scene link presets control LED functions
  • LED functions: On, Off, Opposite, or No Change
Four buttons for lighting scene link control
  • Turn On, Off, or Dim scenes or other UPB devices
  • Choose button mode: On, Off, Toggle, Multi-button, etc...
  • Control any UPB dimmers or relays in the home
Simple, plug-in installation
  • Locate / relocate anywhere in the home: bedroom nightstand, office desk, kitchen counter, media room end table, garage workbench, etc...
Manual SimplySmart™ manual scene link changes
  • Add or delete devices in a lighting scene with 7 or 8 taps
  • Adjust linked devices' light levels and save with 7 taps
Custom Labeling
  • Custom label buttons using the Model ZLK-01S Labeling Kit
  • Labels can be replaced if the Pedestal is reprogrammed
Available in Black or White

The USQT Tabletop Scene Controller Pedestal is most frequently found on a bedroom nightstand and used to turn on lights quickly at the sound of something strange in the night. Turn on/off exterior security lights, garden or holiday lighting, downstairs lights, or all lights without getting out of bed or leaving a room.

With the Tabletop Scene Controller just choose what UPB devices / lights need to be controlled and set the buttons to activate/deactivate the lighting scenes. The LEDs can be set to show which scenes are activated, or even individual devices within a scene.

The scene controller is also useful in controlling master bedroom lights as well. From a nightstand position, the scene controller can turn on/off bathroom or closet lights, dim down room lights to better watch TV, turn on night stand lights to read a book, or turn off lights to go to sleep. There a several UPB modules, other than dimmer switches, that are commonly controlled by the Tabletop Scene Controller in the bedroom or throughout the home. Lamp modules (UML Series) are typically used for plug in lighting, like night stand or torch lamps. Or, in outdoor lighting applications, Appliance Modules (model UMA-20) are typically used to control low-voltage outdoor lighting transformers and fixture modules (UFR / URD Series) for flood lights when mounted behind the fixture.

Imagine the devices that can be controlled (E.g. turned on/off, opened/closed, dimmed, blinked, timed-off, and scheduled) with Simply Automated UPB devices and the Tabletop Controller: night lighting, fire-place/-pit, coffee pot, fountain, pumps, fans, garage doors, gate, pool/spa equipment, heaters, aquarium pumps and lights, and more...

The elegant design of the Tabletop Pedestal was made to complement the decor of any home. As a convenient entertainment room accessory or a nightstand necessity, the tabletop controller is an excellent addition to any UPB home automation solution.


  • Power: 120Volts AC, 60Hz
  • Input Current: 200mA
  • Operating Temp.: 0-50˚C
  • Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.25 x 2.63 inches, 121 x 57 x 67 mm
  • Weight: UCQT: 9.4 Oz.
  • Safety: Listed to UL STD 1472 and to CAN/CSA STD C22.2 No. 184.

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