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Simply Automated Standard Dedicated Remote Switch Body with Single White Rocker (wired)

Simply Automated Standard Dedicated Remote Switch Body with Single White Rocker (wired)

Item # USR1-40-W

This product has been discontinued.

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Product Description

SimplyBrilliant™ UPB Dimming Transceiver Switches provide ultra-reliable 3 or more way control of new and existing lighting fixtures, lamps, and other electrical devices connected to Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) plug-in modules, or fixture modules anywhere in the home.

Each unit has one switch that controls a single load of up to 900W. All rockers and buttons are transmitters and receivers able to communicate with UPB plug-in modules and/or other UPB devices to control virtually anything.

  • ON/OFF control, 200 dimming steps and Resume Dim
  • Contoured heat sink delivers cooler operation
  • Interchangeable rocker assemblies – change color in the field (order ZS11 Universal faceplate in desired color)
  • Dedicated Remote Switch provides inexpensive 3 or more-way control
  • Color: White (Gloss Finish) color-matched to Leviton® Decora® wallplates.


Advantages of UPB:
  • No new Wires - Communicates over existing power lines
  • UPB technology delivers
    • Exceptional reliability and noise immunity
    • Lowest installed cost compared to hardwired and RF solutions
    • No interference between adjacent homes
  • Easily reconfigurable - change control strategy without rewiring


  • Power: 120VAC +/- 10%, 60Hz
  • Input Current: 1.5mA
  • Connections: 6"stranded pigtails, #16 AWG for power, #20 AWG for travelers
  • Wiring:
    • Black AC Line for LED
    • White AC Neutral
    • Brn / Wht Traveler 1
    • Red / Wht Traveler 2
  • Operating Temperature: 30-120°F (0-50°C)
  • Physical Dimensions: 4.2"H x 1.7"W x 1.3"D (107 x 43 x 34mm) depth inside J-box = 1.04"
  • Mounting: standard J-box
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