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Smart Box Multi Purpose Electrical Box

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Product Description

Available in Single, Double, Three, and Four Gang Versions.

Smart Box is like no other electrical box on the market today! The unique feature about Smart Box is the interior sidewall mounting screws. The interior mounting makes the box a great old work box. It makes no difference whether there is sheet rock, paneling, plaster, etc., on the walls, you install the box to a beam just as you would in new work construction. This makes for a strong installation at 1/3 less the cost of the traditional old work box.


The more you use Smart Box the more user friendly it becomes. That is the purpose of Smart Box. This box makes the electricians job easier, allows for more flexibility and makes the final job have a more professional clean look. As an electrician and the inventor of Smart Box I guarantee you will like this product.

  • Good for NEW WORK and OLD WORK construction.
  • Unmatched in VERSATILITY.
  • Contractor FRIENDLY.
  • Mounts to either wood or 25 gauge metal studs.
  • Uses less shelf space in warehouse and truck.
Multi Purpose Boxes are:
  • Designed to accommodate all electrical devices.
  • Equipped with interior mounting screws.
  • Quick and easy to install and remove if necessary.
  • Outstanding for adustable depth work.
  • Excellent in tight locations where you can't swing a hammer.


Smart Box Specifications
ModelWire CapacityVolume
SB1GMaximum 14 Guage Wire: Qty 9
Maximum 12 Guage Wire: Qty 8
18.5 cu. in
SB2GMaximum 14 Guage Wire: Qty 19
Maximum 12 Guage Wire: Qty 16
Maximum 10 Guage Wire: Qty 15
38 cu. in
SB3GMaximum 14 Guage Wire: Qty 28
Maximum 12 Guage Wire: Qty 25
57.0 cu. in
SB4GMaximum 14 Guage Wire: Qty 37
Maximum 12 Guage Wire: Qty 32
74.0 cu. in
Smart Box is a one to four gang PVC electrical utility box incorporating a new mounting design. This design utilizes two (supplied) self-tapping mounting screws. The mounting design feature provides several mounting option not readily available with similar products currently available. Smart Boxes are protected under US Patent Number 5,600,093 and UL Listed.
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