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X-10 Pro

All X10 Pro devices come with an extended 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY included in the price!

Automatic Drapery Kit with X10 Timer

  • Slimline Wireless RF Wall Switch


    Slimline Wireless RF Wall Switch - PHW04D

    Slimline Wireless RF Wall Switch. Works with <a href=/Item/PAT01>RF BaseTransceiver</a> or a <a href=/Item/PRO2000>Security Receiver</a> giving you ON/OFF control of three individually coded X-10 Pro Modules and Brighten/Dim of lights connected to Lamp Modules or Wall Switch Modules.

    Pre-Order (Usually 7-10 days)

  • X10 PRO 250Amp Coupler/Blocking Filter


    X10 PRO 250Amp Coupler/Blocking Filter - PZZ01

    Installs at the electrical panel to couple up to three phases. Also prevents X10 command signals from entering or leaving the building, effectively isolating the residence.

    Pre-Order (Usually 7-10 days)

  • X10 PRO Mini Timer (aka MT13A)


    X10 PRO Mini Timer (aka MT13A) - XPMT4

    XPMT4 Mini-Timer can store "ON" and "OFF" times daily for installed Receiver modules 1-8 in any configuration totaling 64 events. Manual control is available for up to eight x10 address plus All Lights ON/All Units OFF.

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