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Automatic Drapery Kit with X10 Timer


This item weighs 2.50lbs.

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Product Description

Save When You Buy The Kit!

This kit combines the award winning 800DR Automatic Drapery controller with an X10 timer to save you time and energy. With the timer, you can set the drapery controller to open and close your blinds or drapes up to 8 times per day. Easy to install and easy to use!

Kit Includes:


The Model 800DR can be operated with a standard wall switch controlling an outlet. This model is not for horizontal blinds. We also offer a variety of wired and wireless control options:

Butler 64-Channel RF Remote Control System

Butler Keychain Remote System

The X10 Solution: Plug the Add-a-Motor's transformer into an X10 Appliance Module and use the X10 Controller of your choice. For wireless X10 control, plug the Add-a-Motor into the X10 Transceiver and use the X10 Remote Control of your choice.

X10, CEBus, and LonWorks compatible

Motorize Drapery
  • Open-close up to 15 feet wide.
  • Center-open up to 30 feet.
  • Fabric weights up to 60 pounds.
Motorize Vertical Blinds
  • Rotate or Traverse.
    • Two motors can rotate and traverse.
  • Rotate to virtually any angle.
  • Traverse up to 15 feet wide.
  • Center-open up to 30 feet.
Motorize Shades and MiniBlinds
  • Lift and lower Shades up to 12 feet tall.
  • Most widths and fabric weights.
  • Tilt Mini-Blinds that have chain control instead of a wand.
Easy to Install (No Drilling. No Electrician.)
The Model 800DR attaches to the loop-end of any size cord, or metal or plastic bead-chain, without modification. Chain connector can pass through motor without affecting operation. Motor affixes to wall with supplied "Fast Anchors" drilling.

Add-a-Motor Features
  • Automatically moves window covering to fully opened, closed, or any two desired positions.
  • Opens and closes at a natural speed.
  • Set-n-Forget. Plug-in ready. No electrician.
  • Compact size: 2 x 3 x 4 inches (approx.).
  • Heavy-duty appliance quality.
  • Owner's Manual. Written one-year warranty.
  • Includes UL/CSA AC-DC power supply.
  • Child safety features:
  • Cord/chain loop is secured inside case.
  • Low voltage DC motor.
  • Maximum run duration 45 seconds.
  • Sensor can interrupt or prevent cycle.
  • Patented stop circuitry.
  • No-tools wall mount release.
Add-a-Motor Benefits
  • Versatile: Operate any window covering that has a loop-end cord or bead-chain (new or existing).
  • Practical: Combine various types of controllers for multiple benefits. Example: Remote, plus a timer offers convenience, security and energy savings.
  • Operate hard to reach window coverings.
  • Aid the elderly and disabled.
  • Helps sell a home. Light-feed plants. Prevent fading.
  • Affordable automation anywhere... home, office, rental property, vacation home.
Serious convenience... and the end of remote control musical chairs!

Relax in front of TV, channel surf, watch a movie, and control window coverings in any part of the house. The new Super-Remote can control several Model 800DR Motors, and any brand TV, VCR, DSS satellite and cable box. Simply irresistible!

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