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Cent-a-Meter Home Energy Monitor

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Product Description

Acting as your own personal 'electricity speedometer' in the home, the Cent-a-Meter can help you save energy by building awareness of your electricity costs on a real-time basis. As energy prices are on the rise, it helps to know exactly how much you are using so you can decide when and where you can take action to reduce your consumption and save money. With it's wireless, easy-to-read display, the Cent-a-Meter will tell you at a glance your real-time electricity usage in cents per hour and kW in addition to greenhouse gas emissions in kg per hour.

  • Displays cents/hour of electricity cost, kW of electricity demand, kg/hour of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Adjustable electricity rate
  • Peak load alarm
  • Wireless display receiver unit can be taken from room to room or mounted in a central location
  • Displays current temperature and humidity
  • Battery save mode
  • Weatherproof transmitter
  • 2 clip-on sensors for attachment at electrical panel (please add (1) CT3 to monitor a 3-phase electrical system)
  • 12 month warranty (excludes batteries)


How It Works:

The Cent-a-Meter includes a sensor, a wireless transmitter and a receiver. The sensor is a clip-on current transformer that samples the electric current on each active phase wire inside your breaker box. These readings are aggregated and relayed by the 433 MHz wireless transmitter to the remote receiver/monitor. The receiver computes the approximate power use, energy cost and greenhouse gas generation and displays the results on the large portable LCD screen. You can input specific country currency and voltage, electricity tariff rate, greenhouse gas conversion factor and peak load alarm value.

How Much Can You Save?

Save up to 20% off your electricity bill! The average household uses about 15,000 kWh per year in electricity. Depending on where you live in the US and Canada, this equates to between $900-$1700/yr. By simply reducing your energy consumption by 15% with the Cent-a-Meter, you will recover the cost of the device in less than 12 months. A recent study based on 500 homes by Hydro One, Ontario's largest utility, indicated that the presence of real time feedback devices has a measurable and positive impact on energy conservation.


The Cent-a-Meter can be installed by a person with electrical safety training and experience or an electrician in about 10 minutes. Installation is easy. Simply install the batteries (included with your purchase) in the receiver, mount the transmitter to the wall next to your breaker box using the included bracket, and clip the current sensors to the household power lines. Then plug the sensor transmitter cable into the transmitter jack on the transmitter. That's it!

Please note: Cent-a-meter does not track cumulative usage. If you need that feature, please see the TED line of products instead.


  • 433MHz wireless transmission - Range ~ 98 feet (30m)
  • Power < 1.0 mW - 6 x AA batteries (included)
  • Accuracy +/- 5%
  • Min 50W - Max 15kW per phase
  • Suitable for 110 - 250 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Manufactured to ISO9000 standards
  • Designed and tested to comply with worldwide communications and safety standards, including the European CE standard and the following CSA and IC standards: UL1244, 4th Edition, Rev Oct 30 2000; RSS210 Edition 5; IEC61010 Rev 2004


Q: How quickly does the Cent-A-Meter display changes in consumption?
Q: Can the Cent-A-Meter display Amps?
Q: Will the Cent-A-Meter work in countries other than the US?

Q: How quickly does the Cent-A-Meter display changes in consumption?
A: The transmitter updates the display every 6 seconds, so the longest you would wait to see a change is 6 seconds.

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Q: Can the Cent-A-Meter display amps?
A: Yes, amps can be displayed.

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Q: Will the Cent-A-Meter work in countries other than the US?
A: Yes. The setting is easily switched within the display. In North America, we use 60Hz which is about 110V, while other countries and areas use 50Hz which is about 230V. The Cent-A-Meter is manufactured to international standards. Therefore, the setting can be changed in the Cent-a-Meter display to: 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 250V.

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