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Vera 2 Z-Wave Web-Enabled Home Automation, Monitoring & Control System

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Vera 2 is a simple solution for convenient home control, security, safety and energy savings. Built into a wireless WiFi access point, the system works to control lighting, appliances, thermostats and anything else that utilizes Z-Wave, as well as wireless or wired network cameras. Vera is also an energy conservation system that constantly tracks how much energy you are using. As lights are turned on or as appliances are used, Vera creates logs and calculates how much energy is being consumed. Vera can even contact you if you've left something turned on at home, like lights or the TV, and it allows you to turn them off with your internet connected mobile phone or from any web browser.

  • Easy to set up
  • Secure access from anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with all Z-Wave devices
  • Helps you save energy with real-time and historic energy usage
  • Uses only 6 watts of electricity
  • Simple home automation
  • Compatible with wireless wi-fi network cameras
  • Makes home networking simple
  • Audio/video control
  • Can be used as a universal remote
  • Works on an open platform for developers
  • Free tech support and 1 year warranty


More information!
The manufacturer of Vera, MiCasaVerde, maintains a very detailed website containing answers to many commonly asked questions. Please use the following resources to your advantage when considering and using the Vera:

Quick, Easy Setup

Vera couldn't be easier to set up. Just plug it in, and then from any web browser in the home, go to There's no need to install any software. Vera includes videos that show you everything Vera can do and exactly how to do it.

Complete Home Automation

Vera makes home control super simple. Using Vera, even a home automation novice can do everything you'd expect from a complex, high-end home automation system. With Vera, home control falls into two categories: events and timers. Events can be created to tell Vera to do something in response to a trigger. For example, when a motion sensor is tripped, a light could be set to come on for five minutes. Timers are things that are set to happen at certain times, such as lights turning on at 6 p.m., based on your settings.

Vera also allows you to create what are called scenes. Scenes can be created so that at the touch of a button, multiple devices and modules are set to do something. For example, you could create a scene called "movie" that dims the lights, closes the blinds and turns on your AV equipment and sets it to the right input so you're ready to watch a movie in an instant. Scenes can also control thermostats.

Scenes and devices can be controlled in your home using a variety of different devices. Your iPod Touch or iPhone, for instance, can be used as a controller to choose scenes and control your Z-Wave devices. They can also be used as universal remotes for your AV equipment.

Energy Savings

Vera makes it easy for you to create real, measurable changes in your energy usage. You can tell Vera to monitor how much energy you're consuming at certain times of the day, and to notify you if the energy usage is higher than normal. Vera can send an SMS text message, email or phone call when your energy consumption has reached certain points that you've set. You can then choose a scene that you've created to adjust the lighting and thermostat (and any other devices you're controlling) to be turned down or off while you're away from home. Additionally, Vera can make you aware of government or utility alerts when the power grid is being overloaded, if available in your area. You can program a scene that uses minimum power in your home, and when you receive one of these alerts, just choose the scene to execute.

Home Monitoring with Network Cameras

Vera makes it easy to connect wireless or wired IP cameras to your system for safety and security. All you have to do is plug them in, and within 60 seconds, they will show up on your control panel. Vera is smart enough to turn lights on in front of a camera when you're viewing it, too. You can view live video remotely, and Vera can archive your videos automatically at regular intervals or when sensors are tripped.

The Service

With the optional service, you can stay connected to Vera from anywhere in the world and safely archive data. The basic service, which gives you secure remote access to your home from a web browser or cell phone and email notifications, is totally free. The enhanced service costs $29 per year.The services include:

  • Secure remote access/control via the the gateway server (basic service) - This feature allows you to utilize Mi Casa Verde's secure gateway, with nothing to configure, to access and control your system from a web browser or cell phone. There are no data limits, and usage is unlimited. If you know how to setup port forwarding or give Vera a routable IP, you can remotely access Vera without this service option. However, unless you have a SSL certificate, the connection won't be secure.
  • SMS (enhanced service), Email (basic service), or voice call alerts when an event occurs - With these features, Vera will let you know when an event has occured, per your setup. Note that Vera can be set up to use your own outgoing email service for free, however text messages are an extra fee. They are included as part of the enhanced service, which includes up to 50 SMS text messages for the year, domestic or international, to any cell phone carrier worldwide. If you need more than the 50 text messages, extra text messages are available at the rate of $10 for 50 extra SMS text messages. The text messages can be domestic or international, to any cell phone carrier worldwide. Whenever your available text messages are running low you will be sent an email with a link to allow you to purchase more text messages.
  • Video archiving (enhanced service) - If you'd prefer not to store videos on your PC, the service can do it for you. Up to 1GB of data (enough for about 70,000 images from your security camera and several years worth of energy tracking) can be stored and encrypted with a unique hardware key so only you have access to them on Mi Casa Verde's server. When your available space for video archiving is low, you will be sent an email with a link to allow you to purchase more space at the rate of $5 per Gigabyte per year.
  • Energy logging (enhanced service) - This feature will allow you to keep a record of all the energy usage reported by Vera every 60 minutes for every device in the home on the secure servers of Mi Casa Verde. Data is kept for a year, and charts and graphs displaying your usage are automatically generated. If you are familiar with setting up your own database server and know how to generate graphs, you could also do this yourself.
  • Automatic daily backups (enhanced service) - If you don't want to back Vera up yourself, this service will do it for you daily, with up to 15 backup sets. If anything happens to Vera, your configuration will be safe.

As the service is optional, none of Vera's features are disabled if you don't want the service. If you have the necessary technical skills to setup your own server, you can do these same things on your own without using the service. If you're a software developer, you'll find Vera is an open solution that you can modify to suit your own needs.

Please Note: MiCasaVerde has released a new Vera, called Vera2. The Vera2 differs in appearance from Vera1. More advanced features are now included and the wireless antennas (WiFi and Z-Wave) are internal. A battery pack is included for inclusion/removal of Z-Wave devices. The only features lost are 3 of the switched ports - there is now only 1 free port available. All other features and capabilities remain.

Any customer that desires the original Vera1 is allowed a free exchange at MiCasaVerde's expense (limited availability). SmartHomeUSA is proud to support the cutting-edge Vera2.


  • Z-Wave version: 5.02
  • Ethernet ports: 2
  • USB ports: 2
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11g
  • Power consumption: 6 watts
  • Operating system: Linux
  • CPU: Broadcom BCM5354 chip rev 2 (BCM3302 V2.9)
  • Includes rechargeable battery pack used for including Z-Wave devices
  • A dongle is NOT necessary for Vera2. The battery pack is all that is required, and it is included with Vera2.

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