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Small Smart Strip Power Strip - Automatic Switching Surge Suppressor


Small Smart Strip Power Strip - Automatic Switching Surge Suppressor

1.70 LBS
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$3.50 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description


**New Design**

Did you know that computer peripherals like printers and scanners continue to use energy, even after you turn them off?

The Smart Strip helps you easily save time and money on your energy bills while giving your computers superior surge protection. While your peripherals are still plugged into the outlets, they continue to suck energy even while it is turned off. So you are paying for that energy. This 'vampire' current (known as idle current) can be tamed with the intelligent circuitry of the Smart Strip power strip, from Bits Ltd. More than just a power strip the Smart Strip actually senses how much power your computer peripherals use. And when the Smart Strip senses that you've turned your computer off, it automatically shuts off your peripherals, too, preventing them from drawing this vampire current.

Studies have shown that the Smart Strip Power Strip pays for itself in as little as six weeks! Best of all? It's as easy as 1-2-3 and you can eliminate the hassle of having to turn computer peripherals on or off again! 

Available with or without Fax/Modem Protection.

Featured on CBS' Early Show, Oprah, OpenHouse NYC, Regis & Kelly, and more!

What is the Smart Strip Power Strip?

The Smart Strip Power Strip features advanced circuitry that not only offers excellent power surge protection and line noise filtering, but is actually able to 'sense' the flow of electrical current through the strip's control outlet. Because of this unique ability, the Smart Strip can turn off selected equipment when its not in use -- creating benefit that no other power strip on the market today can offer.


Save Time & Money

  • No more waiting for your computer to shutdown before you can turn off your computer peripherals.
  • No more leaving your computer peripherals on.
  • No need to replace your computer and/or your computer peripherals to save.
  • No software, No drivers, No messing with your computer to save.
  • However, you can add optional software to enhance the smart strip if you like.
  • The Smart strip saves money on your monthly energy bill. (see table below, "If you leave everything on...").
  • Less costly than most other surge protectors + high quality + better guarantees = a great value.
  • Better protection means not replacing your computer because of lightning damage. 

The Smart Strip Power Strip is the only surge protector on the market today with energy saving electronics. The amount you save depends on your typical usage patterns. 

As seen on the Oprah Show! (to watch, click the play button below)

Save Energy. leave everything on:
By using a simple computer script (see below) combined with the Smart Strip Power Strip in a standard office environment where the computers are left on 24/7, the computer would shut off at the end of the day or if it is not used for 1 hour (user/administer programable). Then, the computer and its peripherals would be on only 9 hours, 5 days a week. This results in a 73% power savings* on the power used by the office computer system. 

*Smart Strip Energy Savings
24 hours x 7 days = 168 hours per week total, if left on.
9 hours x 5 days = 45 hours per week used, if shut off.
168 hours total b. 45 hours used = 123 hours of energy saved.
123 hours saved / 168 hours total = 73% energy saved.

This third-party software developer provides freeware and shareware that can be used in conjunction with the Smart Strip." to enhance its operation:
Northern Softworks (Apple) leave just your peripherals on:
The public has a vast amount of computer peripherals available to them. Most computer systems now have at least a monitor, scanner, printer, DSL/Cable modem and a USB hub. While the computer is turned off, each peripheral still draws an idle current of 50 mA to 400 mA per hour. Multiply that by the number of peripherals you have, and the number of hours you leave them plugged in (usually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and you can see how that 'idle current' can really add up on your bill! Just a printer and a monitor can draw as much in idle current as a 60-watt light that is on 24/7. Would you leave a 60W or greater lamp on 24 hours a day? shut everything off:
If you shut everything off, you will enjoy the benefits of the Smart Strip even more.
1. No more waiting for the computer to turn off.
2. No more bending over to turn off your power strip.
3. All those peripherals that do not have a power switch can now also be turned off.
4. Did you know that all those plug in transformers have a leakage current? Even if the device that they are attached to is turned off, a transformer has a leakage current of more than 4 watts. The Smart Strip stops leakage current. 

The only surge protector that pays for itself.
The Smart Strip Power Strip is the only surge protector on the market today with energy saving electronics. 

The amount you save depends on your usage patterns and your computer. Tests conducted by an independent computer consulting company showed that the Smart Strip Power Strip can save enough energy to pay for itself in as little as six weeks. It also showed that it can save up to $20.00 per month on your electric bill. 

Use it to control your computer or TV entertainment system -- and the Smart Strip Power Strip will PAY FOR ITSELF in energy savings over time. 

The only power strip that helps environment. 
ENERGY STAR studies show that if every home office replaced all their the computer equipment with ENERGY STAR labeled computer equipment, it would save 219 billion pounds of greenhouse gases. While ENERGY STAR does not have a category for energy saving power strips, by using the Smart Strip Power Strip" on your existing computer system, you will save more than just energy and greenhouse gases. You will be keeping more computers out of the landfills. 

Consider the fact the office computers far out number home computers and that most offices leave their computers on 24/7 and this simple solution when used on all computers equates to being a BIG part of the solution for the Energy Crisis. 

It's cheaper then a standard surge protector.
Our power strip costs less than most of the top-end surge protectors (1250 joules or more). This translates into you getting the energy savings electronics for free and still paying a lower price for the Smart Strip's top-end surge protector. 

Top of the line surge protection.
Most surge protectors come with 1250 joules or less of surge protection. Smart Strip comes with 2225 joules, almost double the industry average. All Surge protectors have 1 fuse, Smart Strip has 4 different fuses. Each one responsible for a different Task. Then using one simple indicator Smart Strip monitors the status of the entire surge protector and the ground. This means your computer is protected twice as much as the average surge protector on the market. 

Best noise filtering on the market.
The Smart Strip Power Strip is the only surge protector that uses noise filtering chokes that other companies leave it out because they consider it too expensive. The chokes eliminate high frequency spikes that film capacitors in standard surge protector do not catch. This adds a second layer of protection for your equipment, as well as optimizing the strip's performance. 

More outlets, more power, more space.
Our power strip has ten outlets, including 4 transformer outlets. This give you plenty of room to plug in ALL of those gadgets that you have for your computer or home entertainment system. 15 amps of continous power handling means that anything your standard wall outlet can handle, our power strip can handle. 

Smart design is full of features.
The intelligent design for the Smart Strip isn't limited to its internal circuitry. The strip itself was designed especially for ease of use:

  • Simple red status indicator light clearly indicates when Smart Switching is active
  • 45 degree angled space saver plug designed so it won't block other wall outlets
  • Recessed, lighted power switch to minimize accidental switching (i.e. turning off power strip accidentally by kicking it). The power switch is also a 15 amp circuit breaker

Learn how it works.
A small electronic device inside the Smart Strip monitors the current on a single outlet. The computer is plugged into that single outlet. When the computer is finished shutting down, the current draw from the computer drops to its idle current -- and the Smart Strip senses the current change, automatically shutting off all of the computer peripherals. 

Many great uses around your home or business.
Use a lamp to turn on your stereo or fan! Use a table saw to turn on a shop vacuum. And many more... 

The Smart Strip Power Strip can be used anywhere a regular power strip is used. While only certain electronic devices (such as computers, monitors, fluorescent lamps, motors and electronic devices that have a high efficiency power supply) will turn on the switched outlets, 4 of the outlets are always hot and can be used just like a normal power strip. This allows you to automate certain repetitive tasks without any additional cost. 

The following is a sample of what the smart strip can be used with to help you automate:

Control Outlet Switched Outlets
Computer All computer peripherals, desk lamp
TV Home theaters, DVD, Cable box
Fluorescent Lamp Fan, home Stereo, small heater
Home shop equipment Work light, dust collector, shop vac

Best & most realistic guarantee on the market.
Smart Strip offers a 30-day unconditional return; 2-year guarantee on manufacturer defects; and lifetime return policy for damage cause by a power surge. Most other manufacturers offer a $100,000 replacement insurance on your equipment -- but did you know that they have never paid out a dime? Read their fine print and you will understand why. So: which guarantee plan do you think is better for you?


Smart Strip Specifications:

  • Recessed, Lighted Power Switch
  • Combined ground & surge protector status indicator
  • Switched outlet status indicator
  • 6-Food Heavy-Duty Power Cord
  • 45 Degree Angled Space Saver Plug
  • Seven Total Outlets:
    • 1 Control - Always Hot
    • 2 Constant Hot
    • 4 Total Switched Outlets - 3 Standard, 1 Transformer
  • UL 1449 Rating
  • 120 Volt 50/60 Hz
  • 15 Ampo circuit breaker switch
  • 4 different fuses:
    • 2 Thermal & current fuses
    • 2 Trace land fuses
  • EMI/RFI filtering:
    • up to 30 db noise reduction
    • .1ufd film box capacitor
  • 1225 joules Three-Way Protection:
    • 775 joules live to neutral
    • 225 joules live to ground
    • 225 joules neutral to ground
  • 48,000 Amp, Three-Way Protection:
    • 24,000 amps live to neutral
    • 12,000 amps live to ground
    • 12,000 amps neutral to ground
  • 130 volt, Three-Way Protection

Energy Saver Specifications:

  • Patented hysteresis circuit provides extra protection for equipment plugged into the switched outlets
  • Adjustable switching threshold
  • Ultra Safe Passive Current Sensor
  • 2 R-C Filters Eliminate False Switching
  • Zero power used when the switched outlets are off
  • Uses Less Than 1 Watt When Fully Energized
  • Adjustable switching threshold (extended sensing)



Does everything plugged into the Smart Strip Power Strip save energy?
No, only devices that would normally be left on or draw an idle current even after they have been turned off. It will save energy on almost all computer peripherals and home entertainment products. Computers tend to have the greatest energy savings when used with the Smart Strip Power Strip.

How does the Smart Strip Power Strip save energy?
It saves energy by electronically unplugging all of the devices that are plugged into the "Automatically Switched outlets" when the device plugged into the control outlet is turned off. This stops them from drawing any current without the need to turn them off or unplug them. Some devices still draw the same amount of power even when turned off, therefore using the smart strip or unplugging them is the only way to stop them from wasting power.

How much energy does it save?
While everyone's computer is different, the average home office computer system we tested wasted the equivalent of a 60-watt lamp when the computer was turned off and all the computer peripherals were left on. In a standard office environment where the computers are left on 24/7, the Smart Strip Power Strip can achieve a 73% energy savings. Almost all DSL Modems, Cable Modems, Routers and computer speaker systems do not have an energy saving mode or a power switch but save energy when plugged into the Smart Strip Power Strip.

24 hours x 7 days =168 hours per week total, if left on.
9 hours x 5 days = 45 hours per week used, if shut off.
168 hours total - 45 hours used = 123 hours of energy saved.
123 hours saved / 168 hours total = 73% energy saved.

Why do I not see a difference on my electric bill?
A normal electric bill varies by at least $20 month to month. The average savings that the smart strip will produce is $5-$20 per month and can easily get hidden in the above month to month variation. The savings can be measured and is great enough for the smart strip to pay for itself in 2 to 6 months.

I have balanced billing, will it help me save money?
Yes, every few months the utility company calculates your average usage and the energy saved by the smart strip will become part of that new calculation.

Is it good to shut off my computer peripherals?
Yes, when any electronic device is left on 24/7, the heat inside the components are constantly building up without any chance to cool down. This heat eventually weakens the electronic components and causes failure of that device. Devices today are designed to be turned off and/or go into a low power sleep mode without shortening its life span.

Does it work with the sleep mode of my computer?
If your computer has a true energy saving sleep mode, then it will turn off the automatically switched outlets when your computer goes to sleep. If your computer only shuts off the video when it goes to sleep and you have an ENERGY STAR Monitor, plug the monitor into the control outlet & the computer into one of the constant hot outlets. If computer does not have a true energy saving sleep mode and you do not have an ENERGY STAR Monitor, then we suggest downloading one of the programs from our download section of our web site. This will allow you to get the full energy saving benefits from our power strip.

What is sleep mode & how do I use it?
Most computers have a sleep mode but not all of them actually save energy. When your computer goes into this mode, it remains ready to use with a touch of your keyboard or movement of your mouse but uses less energy then when it is fully on. Some computers use so little power when in this mode, it is almost the same as being off while others only shut off the video to enable a ENERGY STAR LABELED MONITOR to save energy. Under control panels or preferences of most operating systems is a "energy smart strip power strip" icon that allows you to change the setting of your sleep mode. When your operating system is installed most of the time deep sleep is disabled, simply open the "energy smart strip power strip" control panel and change this setting.

When my computer wakes from sleep mode, my Smart Strip Power Strip does not work correctly. Why?
Not all hardware device drivers reset the device when your computer wakes up. Try the following solutions in order:
1. Look for and install an updated driver.
2. Move that device to the constant hot outlets.
3. Change the setting in your "energy xx" control panel to disable sleep mode or to turn off the computer instead of going to sleep.

When I turn on my computer, it says that power was turned off to my Printer. Why?
See the above note "When my computer wakes from sleep mode, my smart strip power strip does not work correctly. Why?"

How do I install the Smart Strip Power Strip?
A typical configuration is as follows:
* Pencil sharpener, lamp, Palm Pilot or battery chargers are plugged into the constant hot outlets
* A computer or ENERGY STAR labeled Monitor is plugged into the control outlet.
* All of the computer peripherals are plugged into the switched outlets.No Software drivers are needed but you can
download some screen saver programs that will automatically shut off your computer if you forget.

Why does your power strip have control, constant hot and automatically switched outlets?
The Smart Strip Power Strip has 3 divisions because:
1. The first blue outlet closest to the power switch is used to control the switched outlets.
2. The next three red outlets are constant hot outlets for devices that always need power.
3. The remaining white outlets are all switched outlets that turn on/off with the device plugged into the control outlets.

The switched outlets are automatically switched on or off when the device plugged into the control outlet is turned on or off respectively. All outlets including the constant hot outlets are switched off only with the power switch. Under normal use, the power switch remains on and the Smart Strip Power Strip does the switching for you - automatically.

What can I plug into the Smart Strip?
The Smart Strip Power Strip can be used anywhere a regular power strip is used. While only certain electronic devices will turn on the switched outlets when plugged into the control outlet, 4 of the outlets are always hot and can be used just like a normal power strip. Do not plug any device into the switched outlets that would be dangerous if it is automatically switched on.

Can I plug another power strip into the Smart Strip?
Yes, to add additional outlets, other power strips can be plugged into the constant hot and automatically switched outlets of our power strip. They will also be surge protected.

I do not have enough outlets. Should I hook up a second Smart Strip?
No the easiest and best way is to plug any standard power strip into our power strip. The standard power strip does not need surge protection because our power strip will protect those devices too.

I plugged my electronic device into the control outlet but the switched outlets never turn on. Why?
The Smart Strip Power Strip only senses current from motors, fluorescent lamps and high efficiency power supplies (computers and most but not all home entertainment products). Also some computers and audio/video equipment do not draw enough power to trigger the Smart Strip. If you have an LCG3/4, use the adjustment to set the correct trigger level.

I plugged my electronic device into the switched outlet and it does not work. Why?
If the device in the control outlet has not activated the Smart Strip Power Strip, the red LED on the power strip will be off along with all of the devices in the switched outlets. IMPORTANT NOTE: Before returning your Smart Strip as a possible defective device, plug a normal 60 - 75 watt incandescent lamp into the control outlet. Switch the bulb on and off repeatedly while slowly adjusting the sensitivity knob from least to greatest sensitivity. If this solves the problem, the device you previously had in the control outlet may use too little or too much energy to trip the Smart Strip electronics. SmartHomeUSA can only accept defective returns if the Smart Strip fails in this test configuration!

I plugged my electronic device into the constant hot outlets and it is off. Why?
Check that the light inside the power switch and the power switch itself is on. If there is no lights at all on the power strip then the outlet you plugged it into has no power and try a different outlet.

What is Normal?
under normal operation, the power switch lamp and the ground & surge Okay are always on. The Switched outlets lamp turns on/off with the switched outlets.

What do they mean?
Power Switch lamp indicates that power switch is on and power is available at both the control outlet and constant hot outlets. if this light is out check the power switch and the outlet that the power strip is plugged into. Ground & Surge Okay indicates that both the ground to the Smart Strip Power Strip and the surge protection is functioning correctly. If this light is out, please check the ground going to the Smart Strip Power Stripb" first, if the ground is okay, then it means the surge protection part of the Smart Strip Power Stripb is NOT protecting your devices plugged into it. Switched Outlets On indicates that the device plugged into the control outlet is on and has turned on the automatically switched outlets. This light will turn on and off with the device plugged into the control outlet.

Why do I have no lights on my Smart Strip and nothing works?
Check that the power switch is on. If it is then the outlet you plugged it into has no power and try a different outlet.

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